2018 PGA Championship Live Blog: Live updates on Sunday’s final round at Bellerive

August 12, 2018
Brooks Koepka, Sunday 2018 PGA Championship

After three thrilling rounds at Bellerive Country Club, the final round of the 2018 PGA Championship has arrived. We are covering all the action with our live blog.

Brooks koepka begins the day with a two-shot lead. He will attempt to capture his second major of the year, and third of his career on Sunday.

But it won’t be easy for Koepka. He has to fight off a bevy of accomplished PGA Tour stars to lift the Wanamaker trophy.

Tiger Woods shot a 66 on Saturday to get within four shots of the lead. 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott starts just two shots back at ten under. Meanwhile, Rickie Fowler is at nine under and hungry for his first major championship title.

Can Koepka hang on and win, or will one of his chasers claim a historic victory at Bellerive? Follow along below.



7:02: In a somewhat strange scene, Koepka taps in for par before Scott cleans up, denying Jim Nantz some of his signature calls to cap the tournament. It sort of feels like Tiger took the air out of the place when he left, but you have to hand it to Brooks: he was awesome today, and a worthy champion. He finishes -16, two shots ahead of Woods and three ahead of Scott.

6:55: Adam Scott is taking a drop now in the deep rough. It’s all over but the engraving.

6:50: A look at Tiger’s putt on 18. What a scene.

6:48: Koepka’s tee shot on 18, his last real challenge, is right down the middle. And once again Scott flips his tee ball left, this one heading for the cart path. Looks like a champion’s walk is coming for Brooks.

6:46: Scott’s birdie putt…just …dives …away at the end. Boy does that hurt. Koepka walks to the 18th tee with a 2-shot lead on both Scott and Woods, who’s in the clubhouse.

6:44: Oooo a little drama still remains. Koepka tugs the birdie putt and taps for par. A little nervy there. Scott now has a birdie putt from about 10 feet to get within one.

6:41: Back at 17, Koepka’s chip shot is feathery and fantastic. Got about 5 feet for birdie.

6:39: Woods for birdie…and it drops RIGHT IN THE HEART. A phenomenal finish. The crowd is thundering. Looks like he’s going to come up just shot, but that is a 64, with no fairways hit on the opening nine holes. Amazing stuff. He’s -14 for the event.

6:37: Koepka goes for the par 5 in two, because why not? His iron skirts through the left side of the green. He’ll have a pretty straightforward pitch from there.

6:34: Tiger on 18, knocks an iron to about 20 feet. And the crowd lets him hear it. What a reception. He earned it.

6:30: Koepka destroys his tee shot on the 17th, right up the left side of the fairway. Scott yanks his into the left rough. Seems like Adam may be a little rattled by what he’s witnessed these last two holes.

6:29: Woods with driver on the tee on the par 4..and he probably needs to make this, which is of course impossible. As it is, he splits the fairway.

6:26: And he drains it! On to 18.

6:23: Woods blasts out of the sand. He’s got 8 feet for par and he absolutely has to make it.

6:20: Scott nearly chips in from the rough right of the green, but it burns the edge. Keopka, undaunted, cans the 7-footer. That was absolutely cold blooded. He’s ahead by 2 shots with two to play, including a par 5. This is his event to lose.

6:18: Koepka’s tee shot on 16. Pure.

6:16: Woods gives it a go on the par 5 and his shot plummets into a bunker in front of the green. He’ll have to get up and down for par…but he really needed something better on this hole. The driver cost him.

6:15: On the par 3 16, Koepka hits a 4-iron laser, dead straight to 6 feet. Didn’t draw or cut a yard. Man what a shot. Scott is next and he shoves it into the rough right of the green. Tough to answer Koepka’s shot, which just might win this for him.

6:13: Woods take a sand wedge and blasts it back into the fairway. He’ll have a chance to reach the par 5 from there.

6:11: The good news, Tiger’s ball has been found on land. The bad: it’s in a clump of leave and dirt. This will be an adventure. Meanwhile, Scott misses, Koepka makes, and he leads by 1.

6:09: Oh man, Woods takes driver on the par 5, because you have to take a driver on the par 5, and he comes out of it. The ball crashes into the trees to the right, and there’s a stream over there. We’ll see where it ends up. Woods is furious with himself. It’ll all depend on the lie (if there’s a lie).

6:08: Scott and Koepka find the green at 15, and Koepka is closest, with about 10 feet left.

6:05: Woods for birdie on 16. 20 footer…it’s on the way…and it comes up a little short. Died off while taking the break. He taps for par and heads to the par 5 17th. This would be a good time for an eagle.

6:02: The moment on 15.

5:58: Woods rips a cut 4-iron to the center of the green. Good, solid shot. He’ll have 15-20 feet for a birdie.

5:56: Koepka and Scott miss and tap for pars. Tiger taps in his birdie and he’s one back and on the tee on the par 3 16th.

5:53: Koepka reaches the back fringe on 14, and he’ll have about 10 feet for birdie. Scott has about 20.

5:51: Woods from the fairway on 15. 9-iron, 154 yards. And it is STUFFED! Kick in range. The crowd is in a frenzy. This is just awesome stuff.

5:50: No matter what happens from here, I will always remember this putter raise on 13.

5:46: Woods on the tee on 15 — Driver in hand — and this thing is piped. Perfect spot. Back at 14, Scott rips an iron up the right side of the fairway. Koepka hits driving iron up the left side of the fairway. He may have a little tree trouble on his approach. We’ll see.

5:43: On 14 Woods’s par putt is away…and it hits the lip and stays out. OH MAN does that sting. So close to dropping. That’s the second putt for Tiger that has caught the lip of the cup and stayed out on this back nine. He drops to two shots back heading to 15.

5:41: Scott pours in his birdie on 13, and Koepka misses. They are tied for the lead at -14. Woods is one back and staring down a lengthy par saver.

5:40: Woods pitches from the front of the green..and it’s not great. First loose shot he’s hit that didn’t have a tee under it in a couple of hours. He’ll have about 15 feet or so to save par.

5:38: Koepka on the par-3 13th..and he stuffs one to about 8 feet. He’ll have a chance to answer Tiger’s birdie there with one of his own.

5:35: On 14, Woods in the right rough. It’s a bad, bad, bad lie. He’s got a 9-iron. And he takes a HUGE swing and comes up just short of the green, in the front collar area. Not a bad spot. He’ll have to get it up and down.

5:32: Scott pours in a birdie to get to 13 under, one behind his playing partner, Koepka. And then Brooks misses his birdie on the low side. He head to the 13 as the leader by 1 over Woods and Scott.

5:30: On the tee at 14, Woods, one shot back. Iron off the tee. Uh oh, he came out of it early and shoved it into the juicy rough right of the fairway. It’ll depend on the lie there.

5:28: Tiger with the putter raise as the ball approaches the hole and it DROPS. My goodness! He’s playing all the hits today. He’s 13 under and one back.

5:26: Koepka with a wedge on 12, and it’s inside 10 feet. No letup there. Now back to Woods on 13.

5:24: Woods on the tee at the par-3 13th…and it’s another gorgeous iron shot! He’s got about 9 feet for birdie. The crowd is rocking. Anyone having fun?

5:22: The strange scene at 12. Last two groups are now backed up behind the delay. Waited for 10 min or so.

5:20: Woods from 4 feet, 9 inches…and…it…is ….GOOD. He moves to 12 under, tied with Scott for second place. He’s got six holes left, two shots back.

5:17: From the fairway bunker on 15, JT takes a rip, and finds a greenside bunker. He missed a shortie on 14, and it feels like he lost a little juice. Now, back to 12.

5:14: Crowd at 12 is chanting “Let’s go Tiger” as the staff re-shapes the cup. Woodland apparently requested the crew check out the hole and they are indeed doing a repair.

5:12: Koepka knocks it in. He continues to lead by 2. He has seven holes to go.

5:10: Koepka’s birdie putt comes up about 4 feet short. Tester coming. Now Woods for birdie. Do you need me to tell you this is big? As we wait, the greenkeepers are coming coming out to re-cut/tidy up the hole.

5:08: On 12, Woods stuffs ANOTHER iron shot. This one to 5 feet, and the crowd goes bananas. That’s for birdie.

5:06: Koepka on 11, his approach fails to hit the back tier where the stick is located. Going to be a tough 2-putt.

5:04: Tiger’s birdie attempt on 11. I seem to recall seeing this in a commercial, except it actually drops.

5:03: Woods on the tee at 12. DRIVER. FAIRWAY. Looked confident there. Here’s not done yet.

5:01: And Adam Scott drops a birdie on 10. He’s birdied 3 of his last 4 holes. He’s -12.

5:00: Koepka from that sand, and it’s gorgeous. Tap-in range. He’ll save par. That, coupled with the Woods near-miss, could loom large in about 90 minutes.

4:59: Oooooooohhhh …it is one half-revolution short! Woods drops his head and can’t believe it. No one can. He taps for par.

4:58: JT splits the fairway on 14. Position A. Now back to Woods, lining up a birdie on 11.

4:56: On 10, Koepka flies the green, and his ball settles in the back bunker. Tough up and down from there to save a par.

4:54: Now Tiger, from 82 yards, center fo the fairway. Lob wedge. And it flies the stick and hangs on at the back of the green. About 25 feet down the hill for birdie. That one wasn’t his best.

4:53: Koepka misses the fairway left on the tough par-4 10th. And JT has about 12 feet birdie on the par 3 13th…and it just misses on the low side. He’ll stay 12 under. Things are happening. Happening everywhere.

4:51: Tiger with an iron off the tee on the par 4 11th. Right down the middle. Perfect spot.

4:49: Here’s a full recap of Tiger’s round to this point. It’s been some kind of ride.

4:46: Woods’s birdie putt on 10 is away…and it stops about a foot short. Safe par. Meanwhile, Thomas Pieters knocks in a birdie on 16 to get to 12 under. It’s a sprint to the finish, and it is glorious.

4:44: Koepka makes his birdie putt at 9 to move to -14. He’s fighting back now. Look out.

4:42: Thomas’s chip at 13 comes up short. he’ll have about 5 feet left to save par.

4:40: From 194 yards, Tiger hits the green at 10, but he’ll have a long way to go for birdie.

4:39: Thomas is in trouble with his tee shot at the 12th. His second from the deep rough goes over the green into more deep rough.

4:37: Koepka pulls his tee shot at the 9th. This is getting very, very interesting.

4:35: Woods, Scott and now Thomas Pieters are all tied for third, two shots behind Koepka, one behind Thomas.

4:34: Tiger smashes a drive at the 10th, and it’s perfect. He hits his first fairway of the day.

4:32; Thomas birdies 11 to get to -12, but Koepka birdies 8 to move to -13.

4:31: Tiger’s birdie at 9:

4:29: And Tiger makes it! Woods closes the front nine with back-to-back birdies to move to -11, just one off the lead.

4:28: Here’s Tiger’s incredible approach at 9:

4:27: Koepka pulls driving iron in the fairway at the par-5 8th and comes up just short of the green with his second shot.

4:25: Tiger received relief from the cart path and dropped in a trampled area. Amazingly, he’s left with a good look at the green from 169 yards… and he sticks it to 10 feet.

4:22: Here’s a look at Tiger’s birdie at 8:

4:19: Tiger hits another wild tee shot at 9. He has not hit a single fairway today. This time his ball ends up on a cart path to the left of the fairway.

4:18: Justin Thomas bounces back with a birdie at 10 to get to -11, one behind Koepka.

4:17: A look at Koepka’s birdie at 7:

4:16: Tiger taps in for birdie at 8, his third of the day. He moves back to -10, still two shots behind Koepka.

4:15: Koepka sinks his birdie to move back to -12. Big one for him. Adam Scott also birdied 7 to move to -10.

4:13: Tiger hits a great sand shot to one foot at the par-5 8th.

4:12: Koepka knocks it within 10 feet at 7. He could use a birdie to get the momentum going.

4:08: From a trampled area in the gallery, Tiger finds a corridor through the trees and knocks a 3-wood up into a greenside bunker. Things could have been much worse with that drive.

4:04: Koepka makes a clutch par-saving putt at 6 to remain at -11. He’s back in sole possession of the lead.

4:03: Tiger is starting to struggle off the tee at the worst possible time. His drive at the par-5 8th sails left into the trees. Meanwhile, Justin Thomas three-jacks for bogey at 9 to fall back to -10.

4:02: Koepka chooses putter from the collar at 6 and runs in a good 4 feet past the hole. Another knee-knocker for par awaits.

4:00: Tiger makes his putt at 7 for another huge par save. Now he needs to start making birdies again. He’s two back.

3:58: Koepka’s tee shot at 6 just rolls off the edge of the green but stays up and out of a bunker. Scott’s tee shot sails long and left.

3:57: Tiger hits a decent chip and will have a 6-footer to make his par.

3:54: Tiger has a quote “dreadful” lie on 7. He hits the green with his approach but it rolls off the back of the green.

3:51: Koepka misses a 15-footer for par at 5 to drop to -11. He now shares the lead with defending champion Justin Thomas. Tiger is starting to show some cracks, too. He hits an iron off the tee at 7 and misses the fairway right.

3:49: Fowler bogeys the 5th to fall to -8.

3:48: Tiger fails to make his par save, so he’ll drop a shot for the first time today. He falls back to -9. Koepka, meanwhile, had a horrible lie and didn’t make the green with his approach shot at 5.

3:44: Koepka hits his drive wide right into the rough at 5. Tiger makes the green from a tough bunker lie at 6, but he’ll have a mid-ranger left for par.

3:40: Tiger misses the green with his tee shot at the par-3 6th. He might be in a tough spot in a greenside bunker.

3:38: Koepka has 4 feet left for par at the 4th and he misses it. That’s Keopka’s first slip-up of the day. He falls back to -12. Justin Thomas is just one back. Tiger is two back.

3:35: Tiger’s second shot at 5 ended up greenside in some rough. He hits a nice chip and will likely tap-in for par. Justin Thomas makes birdie at 7 to move to -11.

3:34: At 4, Koepka hits his drive into the left rough. He’s able to hit the green with his second, but he’s got a long way for birdie.

3:31: Tiger’s drive ended up in the right trees 174 yards from the hole. He takes a 9-iron and hits a big hook that ends up in a greenside bunker. Not bad from where he was.

3:29: Jason Day makes bogey at 5 to drop down to -8.

3:27: Tiger’s big par save at 4:

3:24: Koepka successfully two-putts for par at 3. Tiger takes driver again at 5 and, again, hits it wide right, this time into some trees.

3:21: Tiger saves par at 4 with a clutch putt. That’s huge for Woods. He stays just three back.

3:19: At the par-3 3rd, Koepka doesn’t hit a great one. His ball makes the putting surface, but he’ll have 50+ feet left.

3:17: Tiger hits a nice third shot at 4 that leaves him with just a few feet to save par. Koepka two-putts for par at 2 to remain at -13.

3:16: JT’s birdie at 5:

3:15: Justin Thomas sinks another birdie at 5 to move to -10. Fowler makes his third-straight par to open the day.

3:13: Tiger hits a 7-iron from the fairway bunker at 4 and comes up 50 yards short of the green. Koepka hits a poor approach at 2. He’ll have a long way for birdie.

3:08: At the par-4 4th, Tiger hits driver and watches his ball sail right into a fairway bunker.

3:06: Scott misses his par putt at 1 to fall to -9. Tiger is now the only player at -10, three shots behind Koepka.

3:06: Koepka rolls his birdie in at 1 to move to -13.

3:05: Tiger taps in at 3 for a second-straight birdie. He temporarily moves into a tie for 2nd at -10.

3:04: Adam Scott was short of the green in 2 at the 1st. His chip comes up short, so he’ll have a few feet left to save par.

3:03: Koepka hits his second at 1 to about 8 feet, very similar to the spot Woods missed from.

3:02: Here’s a look at Tiger’s approach into 2:

3:00: At the par-3 3rd, Tiger hits another unbelievable iron to 2 feet! He’ll have a near tap-in for birdie.

2:59: There are eight players currently tied at -9 three shots behind Koepka.

2:58: BIRDIE. Tiger rolls in his 4-footer at 2 for his first birdie of the day. He moves into a tie for third at -9.

2:56: Now for our leader: Brooks Koepka crushes his driver into the middle of the fairway at the 1st. Adam Scott hits driver too, but his shot sails left into thick rough.

2:53: Tiger has an awkward stance along the water at 2, but he hits a great shot that sticks 4 feet from the pin. He’s got to make this one.

2:52: Fowler hits a good second shot at 1 and will have 15-20 feet for birdie. Jon Rahm betters that, getting within 10 feet.

2:51: Here’s a look at Day’s birdie putt at 2:

2:49: Tiger’s iron of the 2nd tee flirts with the water but stays safe in the end.

2:48: Jason Day rolls in a nice birdie at 2 to join the group at -9.

2:47: Ouch, Tiger’s ball grazes the cup and stays out. Par for Woods at 1, Woodland, too.

2:44: Rafa Cabrera Bello has the best round going early on Sunday. He’s -5 through his first 14 holes today.

2:42: From the fairway bunker on 1, Tiger lofts a dart that settles about 10 feet from the cup. Great clutch shot there, he’ll have a good look at birdie.

2:40: Jordan Spieth has reached -7 through 10 holes. If not for a bad triple bogey yesterday he would be right in the mix.

2:38: Thomas narrowly misses another birdie at 2. He’ll remain at -9.

2:37: Woods, dressed in his typical Sunday red, also chooses iron off the 1st tee. It isn’t a great one, and he ends up in a left fairway bunker.

2:35: Tiger Woods and Gary Woodland are on the 1st tee at Bellerive. Woodland has the honor: he knocks a low long-iron into the fairway. Tiger next…

2:31: Important update from one of our reporters at Bellerive:

2:30: Five minutes until Tiger takes the tee at the opening hole. If he wants to catch Koepka and win this thing, he needs to get off to a hot start like he did the last two days. Unlike the last two days, he needs to keep it going on the back nine.

2:27: Thomas makes his birdie to quickly move to -9. Shane Lowry does the same at 1. Both are now only three behind Koepka.

2:25: Defending champion Justin Thomas (-8) just stuck his approach at 1 within a couple feet. He’ll have that to get within three of the lead.

2:20: Woods arrived at Bellerive in style today:

2:17: Cameras caught Tiger warming up on the range minutes ago:

2:15: The final round of the 2018 PGA Championship is well underway at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis. So far there have been a lot of birdies on the course, but no one has cracked the -8 number. Tiger Woods tees off alongside Gary Woodland in 20 minutes. Leader Brooks Koepka and Adam Scott set off in the final group at 2:55 p.m. ET.