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On the Road With Davis Love III

May 22, 2016

I drove a regular RV on Tour for more than 10 years, but ended up with a Prevost Motorhome, like the NASCAR guys have. Now that I’m headed to the Champions Tour, my wife, Robin, and I are going to figure out a way to do it again.

I loved traveling in the motorhome because I had my stuff—my bed, my pillow, TV, my BBQ grill, my smoker. If it was turkey season, I’d have my turkey-hunting gear. I had a motorcycle along, too.

The item I never travel without is a sleep machine. Now it’s all digital, on an iPad, but way back when, it was a little box that you plugged in, a sound machine that put out white noise.

My least favorite road trip was going from the Barclays to the Deutsche Bank. It wasn’t that long a drive, but it was always traffic, toll roads, toll booths and big bridges, going from New York to Boston. That was a tough one in a 45-foot-long, 12-foot-high motorhome.

If I were to take a golf buddies road trip, I would take my son Dru Love along as a partner. I would take Fred Couples and Mike Hulbert for the entertainment factor, and we would go to Seminole [Juno Beach, Fla.], because Dru hasn’t played there yet, and Dru and I could handle those guys on that course.

My favorite car, ever, is a tan 2005 Diesel Ford Excursion. It’s the one car—truck—I would never sell. Right now, it lives in Idaho. A gigantic fire threatened Sun Valley a few years ago, and the whole town was evacuated. I was away and my house manager called and asked, “What do you want me to get out of the house? Paintings? Family pictures?” I said, “No, there’s a bamboo fly rod and my Ford Excursion. The rest of it can burn down. Get those two out!”