PGA Championship 2019: New Yorkers can enjoy a special Michelob Ultra offer on Thursday, thanks to Brooks Koepka

May 11, 2019

Earlier this week, Brooks Koepka arrived in New York with a special challenge from one of his sponsors, Michelob Ultra: hit a shot from Governor’s Island onto a moving barge. The stakes? Free beer (in the form of a rebate) for all of New York City. Talk about pressure!

Luckily, Kopeka is getting well used to hitting clutch shots on demand.

As you can see from the video above, the shot was no problem for the three-time major champ. The target itself was 20 feet, and was positioned in the Hudson river approximately 120 yards away from Koepka.

Beacuse Kopeka was successful (Michelob had planned on giving him three total tries), New York City residents will be eligible to receive a $5 rebate via a pre-paid card when he or she purchases a Michelob Ultra 6-pack (cans or bottles) on Thursday (May 16).

The full terms and conditions of the promotion and list of eligible New York City zip codes can be found here.

Kopeka’s triumph will likely win him some new fans as he prepares to take on Bethpage Black in next week’s PGA Championship. The defending champ will no doubt have plenty of attention on the course, as he’s grouped with both Tiger Woods and Francesco Molinari for the first two rounds.

Kopeka has five PGA Tour victories on his resume — three of which are major titles. He’s finished T13 or better in eight of his last nine major championship appearances. His current odds to win the PGA, which would be his fourth major title in less than two years? 10/1.

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