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WATCH: LeBron James drops golf reference in motivational speech to youth basketball team

August 7, 2018

Even LeBron James is a golf fan. OK, so maybe not quite a golf fan, but he did mention the sport during a rousing motivational speech to a youth basketball team.

James was recently speaking to the North Coast Blue Chips, the AAU squad one of his son’s plays for, and apparently he was trying to get the kids to buy into their roles as team players.

“If you don’t want a role, play tennis or play golf,” James said. “Cause then you can do whatever the f— you wanna do and then you got nobody else to blame cause it’s only an individual sport. If that’s what you wanna do, play tennis or play golf.”

Now, technically, LeBron, the Ryder Cup is a team event, and so is the Presidents Cup, the Solheim Cup and, of course, the new Zurich Classic format. But anyway…check out the video below. [NSFW]