Augusta National’s Eisenhower Cabin reportedly under renovation

August 22, 2018
eisenhower cabin augusta national

As seems to be the case every offseason at Augusta National, another renovation is reportedly taking place.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, at least part of this year’s renovation plan(s) involves the Eisenhower Cabin, bringing it in line with “modern standards, while at the same time preserving its historical nature.”

The Eisenhower Cabin was built near the 10th tee box back in 1953, and sitting presidents have stayed there when visiting the club ever since. According to the report, less than one acre of land is included as part of the renovation plans, with holly trees and azalea bushes being planted on the east side of the building.

One acre of size likely makes this project ANGC’s smallest renovation in recent memory. Just a few years ago the club built a state-of-the-art media center, replacing the old space one year ago with a gigantic merchandise facility. The club does not do small. Again, just this year, it was reported the Publix on Washington Road was to be sold to a company connected to Augusta National. Such has been the outward progress of the club’s bounds in the last decade.