Adam Scott says he’s putting with the pin in all year (even if it’s a six-footer to win the Masters)

January 10, 2019

Adam Scott says doing things the unconventional way never bothered him before, so he’s not about to stop now.

Scott, who makes his third PGA Tour start of the season at this week’s Sony Open, told reporters on Wednesday that he plans to leave the flagstick in on every putt following the revisions to the Rules of Golf. And it doesn’t matter the stage or aesthetics, either. He said he would leave it in on a six-footer to win the Masters.

“As you know, I’m not a person who cares how things look,” he said. “I was a 30-year old man putting with a broomstick.”

Scott found success with the anchor-putting method, and it helped him win his only major, the Masters, in 2013. Since the anchoring ban he’s experimented with a few different techniques, but putting has always been one of the Aussie’s weakest areas, so it makes plenty of sense for Scott to use the pin to his advantage.

Bryson DeChambeau was the first to say it’s going to help players, and a Dave Pelz study published in the February issue of GOLF magazine broke down the reasons why putting with the pin in will help players. Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee even went as far as to predict that nearly every pro will be putting with it in by the end of the year.

While putting with the stick in may not bother Scott, DeChambeau or some others, Justin Thomas is one pro who recently said he just can’t get himself to do it.

“I mean personally, I don’t think I can [leave the pin in],” he said. “I mean, no offense, I can’t really take myself seriously if I kept the pin in. I mean it just would be such a weird picture and like on TV me celebrating and like the pin is in and my ball’s like up against it.”