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Unlucky Masters fans are freaking out that their tickets may be worthless

March 12, 2020

So you’re a golf fan, and you jump for joy when you receive the email we all hope for one day: You’ve won the Masters lottery. You’ve got Masters tickets! Pack up the car, you’re going to Augusta National!

Fast forward to this week, where news of the coronavirus spreading throughout the United States has ripped a hole in the U.S. economy and prompted a flurry of alterations to the sports calendar. The PGA Tour, though later to react than many of its counterparts, announced the Players Championship will be played behind closed doors.

Which begs the question about how The Masters should react.

There’s still no official word yet on how the Masters will proceed. Augusta National continues to monitor the situation, but recent reports indicate the most likely path is for The Masters to be contested without fans in attendance. 

That, obviously, would be a massive statement from one of the most prestigious organizations in sports, and a jarring sight for golf fans watching at home; a tournament without spectators.

Which, of course, brings us back to Masters fans who scored their ticket to Augusta National. At this rate, it seems they won’t be able to put those tickets to use, and fans are freaking out about it.

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