2019 Masters Live Coverage: Highlights from the second round at Augusta National

April 12, 2019

Day 2 at the 2019 Masters is here, and we’ve already got a stellar leaderboard. Follow the entire second round below with our Masters Live Coverage.

Brooks Koepka is back on his major-championship chase, but he’s got Bryson DeChambeau pushing him for the lead. Phil Mickelson is trying to make history and Tiger Woods is in contention as well.

Tiger had an up-and-down round that saw him make two birdies and four birdies, one of which featured a miraculous escape shot. That added up to a two-under 70, one of Tiger’s best Masters opening rounds ever. Woods tees off for the second round at 1:49 p.m. ET on Friday, once again alongside Haotong Li and Jon Rahm.

But the morning wave includes several names on the top of the leaderboard. Co-leader DeChambeau kicks off his Day 2 at 10:42 a.m. ET, with Mickelson’s group following them at 10:53 a.m. ET.

Follow our full Masters Live Coverage below.

Masters Live Coverage: Friday’s Second Round (ET)

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7:20: Tiger is having a look at his birdie now. Slightly up hill, drifting just to his right. And that’s where it stays. Just inches from birdie. But it’s a tap-in par. So there you have it. A Friday 68 for Tiger, and a 6-under total heading into Saturday, one off the lead. Rahm will now try to save his par, and we’ll wrap up our coverage with his putt. . . . yep. He makes it. Rahm is at minus-5. Buckle up for the weekend, folks. Enjoy

7:18: On 18, Rahm left his approach in the right greenside bunker and will have to get creative here, playing it high up a ridge and asking it to roll down. He does that, and it’s a good play that settles about 5 feet from the cup. Tiger will go next.

7:15: Tiger with another tasty approach. He lofts an 8-iron to about 12 feet on the 18th and will have that to share the lead. Right now, we have five players at minus 7, all former major champions.

7:12: Rory playing a great sand shot for his third, gouges one to inches. He’ll make par.

7:11: Just two groups left on the course. Tiger/Rahm/Li and Fowler/Rory/Smith.
Rory made a long bomb at 16 to get back to even, but lost his drive into the trees right on 17. He’s in scramble mode for his par.

7:09: Tiger on the 18th tee, looking to play a cut. He’s got driver, and he likes it. A good shot up the left, just shy of the fairway bunker.

7:06: A good roll for Rahm but it drifts just left. That’s an easy par, clearing the stage for Tiger, who can grab a share of the lead. And . . . he . . .does not. Short putts have been giving him trouble this week, and he misses another. Pushing it just right.

7:03: Rahm plays a solid approach to the center of the green. He’ll have about twice as long as Tiger from the opposite side of the hole

7:00: Speaking of Tiger, he’s playing his second on the 17th. Pin is cut back left, and Tiger is playing from the right side. Good angle. And a great shot. Six feet, just left of the flag. Good chance to snag a tie for the lead.

6:55: Per usual, it’s shaping up to be an epic weekend at Augusta. All the more so because Tiger is nipping at the leader’s heels.

6:53: A good tee shot from Tiger on 17, as he fires a low cut up the right. He made bogey on 17 yesterday from the trees.

6:52: Rory salvages his par on 15 to stay at plus-1, and, one hole ahead, Jon Rahm also saves his par.

6:50: Tiger’s long lag putt up the hill stalls out just shy. He’ll tap in for par from there.

6:48: Jon Rahm is in the midst of a scruffy stretch right now. He just his an indifferent iron and had a long putt up hill that he ran about 6 feet past. He’ll now have a slippery one coming back for par. Temper, temper. If he were a cartoon character, he’d have steam coming out of his ears

6:45: Hobgoblins are once more haunting Rory at Augusta. On the 15th, he flared his drive right. The ball settled in a cart. He took a free drop but then hit a tree trying to get it back in the fairway. Some adventurous moments later, he is now on the green, with about five feet to save his par. The projected cut is plus-3 and Rory is at plus-1

6:41: Tiger, on the 16th tee, playing to a pin at the top of the ridge on the right, leave it on the front portion of the green. He’ll have another long birdie try. He’ll be putting from around where Adam Scott three-whacked earlier.

6:40: Rahm plays a nice one, and will be able to tap in for his par. But it’s Tiger who takes advantage of the par-five by draining another long putt. His 30-footer from below the cup gets another fist-pump from Tiger, who is now at minus-6, one off the lead.

6:36: Rahm’s third is a pitch from some muddy turf well right of the green. It comes up short, so he can keep the same club in his hand for his fourth.

6:33: Tiger now with his third. A controlled wedge that he’s staring down. It’s not as good as his eyes made it look. On the green but well short. He’ll have a long uphill putt for birdie. So Woods, who has played the par-fives at one-over today, is at risk at missing out at another opportunity here.

6:30: Jon Rahm, trying to play a draw with a long-iron approach on 15, flares one well right. That’s up near the grandstands and hard to say what kind of third shot he’ll have. Not an easy one, that’s for sure.

6:27: Tiger is going to have to lay up on 15. He’s walking up to have a look at where he wants to leave it. He can either go up and over pines on the left, or try to rope one around them. Looks like he’s going to go up and over. Which he does. He’s laid up nicely up the left side of the fairway, which gives him his best bet coming into a right flag.

6:24: Rory, with such high expectations coming in, has just airmailed the 14th green. He’ll have a tough up and down from there, and he’ll need it. He’s at plus-1 and flirting with the cut line.

6:23: And Tiger, adding some colorful language to a colorful setting, calls himself a “jackass” as he tugs his tee shot left on 15. He’ll likely have to lay up from there. Snookered by pines on a hole that is playing the easiest on the course.

6:20: Rahm, after a crisp wedge to five feet on his third shot, saves his par by rolling in the putt. Both he and Tiger are at minus-5 heading to the par-five 15th

6:16: Rory McIlroy, after rinsing his approach on 13, comes away with bogey. He drops to plus-1. Tiger, meanwhile, who narrowly avoided a Joe Theisman moment, is trying to convert another birdie from the trees at 14, and wow. He does. He drops a curling putt and punches the air. Great birdie there to get to minus 5.

6:12: And Tiger hits a great shot, but in a moment that we’ll be seeing in the video lowlights later, a volunteer, rushing to keep the crowd from Tiger, slips in the wet grass and slides against Tiger’s leg. Tiger comes away limping. He appears to have shaken it off but that could have been really ugly.

6:11: Rahm has to punch out low. He’ll leave himself as half wedge in to the green for his third. Tiger, by contrast, looks like he’s going up over the branches. This will be a Houdini act if he can get on the green.

6:08: Adam Scott, having just claimed the lead, falls back into a tie with a three-jack on the 16th. Tiger and Jon Rahm have both missed well left on 14. He’s having a look at his options. Unclear whether he’ll be able to have a go at the green, or if he’ll have to go low or high. We’ll see

6:06: Meantime, back on 13, Rory McIlroy, with iron in hand, hits an indifferent approach that finds the tributary. An unforced error there.

6:05: On the 14th tee, Tiger, just as he did yesterday, hooks it. He’s even farther left this time, and it will be a scramble from there, on the far side of the pines.

6:03: Jon Rahm also fails to get up and down from behind the green on 13, so he comes away with par as well. He’s at 5-under still

5:58: Tiger’s pitch for this third shot is a little stubby and comes up short. He’ll have about 12 feet, slightly up hill, for birdie. And he leaves it just short. A missed opportunity there. So Tiger, who was on a roll before the weather delay, comes back to miss a short putt on the 12, and now comes away with a disappointing par at the 13th.

5:56: The umbrellas are up as the rain intensifies. Adam Scott has the lead and is on the green  with a long uphill putt for birdie.

5:53: As Scott makes his eagle, we’ll check in on Tiger at 13, whose approach from the second cut lands just long and left. Not a bad leave. He’ll have a reasonably straightforward chip from there.

5:50: A surprisingly poor showing this week for Justin Rose, who finishes Friday at plus-4, one outside the projected cut.

5:48: A rain shower is dousing the course right no, but no lightning, so we’ll keep playing. Adam Scott, at minus 6, will have a makable look at eagle on 15 to nab the outright lead.

5:44: Tiger takes driver and takes a mighty whack. It’s on a good line but hit so well that it goes just through the fairway. He’ll be up on the right in the second cut, in plenty good position to go for it, though.

5:41: Dohp! No. He burns the edge, and that’s a missed opportunity. Rahm cleans up his par and off the go to the 13th

5:40: And play is back. And we’re just in time to catch Tiger getting ready for a birdie bid to get to 5-under. Rahm has just missed his birdie try.

5:09: We’ll take a break on the blog here but will get right back to it once play resumes.

5:08: Li was just about to follow Tiger but no. . .a weather alarm goes off. Storms in the area, and we’ll have a delay in play. Bad news for Tiger, who was  on a mini-run.

5:06: And Tiger is true. A beauty, high arcing iron that sticks like a dart about 8 feet from the cup.

5:05: For mid-round on a Friday, there’s a lot of electricity around the 12th now as Tiger and Rahm (oh, and Hoatong Li, too) head to the tee. It’s a hold-your-breath shot on the famous par-three. Playing 153. Tiger has what looks like a nine-iron

5:04: Jon Rahm actually has closer to six feet to save his par, and he guides it in. A very good up-and-down there from where he was.

5:02: And right in the heart. Tiger, after a sloppy bogey at the par-five 8th, has now gone birdie, par, birdie to get to 4-under

4:59: Let’s see if Rahm can match power with precision. A delicate pitch over the bunker. He takes it high, on a good line, with some spin. A good shot. About four feet past the hole. Tiger will go now, with a good look at birdie. Below the cup.

4:55: Rahm, playing from the other side of the fairway, strays right with his approach and misses the green. He’ll have a tough pitch over a greenside bunker back toward the flag.

4:52: Tiger will be playing his approach on 11 from the right side of the fairway to a back hole location. He plays a draw that looked a little risky at first but turns out peachy. A rare approach that lands left of the flagstick, below the hole, with about 10 feet left for birdie.

4:49: McIlroy, trying to bring some momentum to the back side, just flared his approach at 10. It lands short and right and he’ll need to make a test little up and down to avoid dropping a shot.

4:45: Adam Scott and King Louis Oosthuizen have both gotten it to minus-6, with birdies at the 13th. As Tiger pummels his drive on 11, a tight draw up the right side of the fairway. That’s perfect.

4:44: Rahm, on a similar line as Tiger, also makes par, so on to Amen Corner they go, with Rahm at minus-5 and Tiger two behind him

4:41: Tiger is pacing off his putt on the 10th. He’ll have a long,  uphill putt, across the back for the green to a pin cut back right, and he rolls a beauty. Takes a peek at the cup but just dies right. Tap in par, which is more than good here.

4:38: On the 10th, both Rahm and Tiger find fairway, and the find green. Both roughly pin high left, with long birdie putts.

4:37: And if you’re looking to feel better about your own game, Charley Hoffman just heeled one Rae’s Creek at the 12th. A nine-iron that never threatened dry land.

4:33: Rory McIlroy, a pre-tournament favorite, has eagled the 8th to get into the red for the tournament. He’s at minus-1, and his eagle came after he whistled a long iron that caromed off the mounds on the left of the green and rolled to with 5 feet. Will be interesting to see if Rory can step on the gas coming home.

4:30: Adam Scott, meanwhile, with a birdie at 12, has gotten it to minus-5. Another big name, right in the mix.

4:28: Rahm, on the other hand, had a short putt but a slider, moving hard to the right. He left it low. Par.

4:26 If you’re just tuning in. Francesco Molinari, Jason Day and Brooks Koekpa are all in the clubhouse, tied for the lead. With many close behind, and Rahm, at minus 5, with the back side to play. Oh, and Tiger, who as I type drops a bomb for birdie at 9. He’s back to minus 3

4:25: Hi everyone. Josh Sens, taking over the blog here. It’s like the Oscars of golf. All the stars out on the green carpet. We’ll pick up with Tiger and Jon Rahm as they make their way to the ninth green. Both on in two. But Tiger’s well below the cup and Rahm in pin high, about 5 feet left.

4:20. Tiger just played a horrific 8th hole, finding the bunker with his tee shot and then three-putting for bogey from the back edge of the green. On a hole that’s averaging 4.69 today, that’s worse than just a typical bogey. Happier news come for Justin Harding, who has birdied four holes in a row and sits at six under, just one shot back. He’s low man on the course, though Jon Rahm (-5) has the entire back nine to play.

4:10. Koepka is in at -7, too! He makes birdie at No. 18. He was seven under after the first hole, but four under after the 7th hole, then seven under after 18 again. Three-way tie for first.

4:00. Not too much movement up top, but there’s something important developing, and it’s this clip of Kiradech Aphibarnrat hitting the floor AND the green all at once. Enjoy:

3:50. D.J. is in the house at six under, and Brooks Koepka is one hoe away from the same result, which could make for an intriguing Moving Day pairing…

Bryson just finished off a 75, and he’s at -3. That puts him tied with Tiger Woods, and two ahead of Jordan Spieth, who’s still at -1 after missing shorties two of the last three holes. Got all that? Good.

3:40. Rory and Rickie each just stuffed in tee shots at the par-3 6th, like, inside four feet. Rory needs it — at +2, he’s barely inside the cut line. But if the lead’s at -7, anybody even par or better will have at least a chance heading to the weekend. Let’s see if they can convert. I’m more sad for Mike Weir, who just hit an electric 3-wood from the rough to four feet at No. 13 but missed the putt.

3:30. Well folks, exciting things are happening. Brooks Koepka is back at -6 after a clever up-and-down from long of No. 15. Spieth three-whacked the same green for par. And Tiger just made a pretty wild curler for birdie at No. 6.

3:20. Molinari’s in the house at -7 after a ridiculously good two-putt, but he’s joined by: Jason Day! Back from the dead. Ooh, and let’s do a highlight! Keith Mitchell with a deuce:

3:10. D.J. and Jason Day each just birdied No. 15; they’re one back of the lead at -6. That could well become a share of the lead, too: Molinari is long of the 18th green, which is really tough for a front right pin. Tiger has 15 feet left for par after finding the bunker off the tee at No. 5. And don’t look now, but Jordan Spieth, left for dead yesterday, is in red figures at one-under. Show ’em, Spieth.

3:00. This leaderboard is STACKED. Molinari just missed a shortie that would have gotten him to -8, but he’s cruising at -7 headed to No. 18. A few near the lead are now in the clubhouse, including Ian Poulter (-5) Patton Kizzire (-4) and Matt Kuchar (-4). Oh, and Tiger Woods just canned his first birdie of the day, a seven-footer at No. 4.

2:45. A few points to address:

  1. People are very mad about Tiger Woods being on the featured groups when he is not, in fact, being shown. Hold strong, comrades. The telecast will be here soon, and Tiger’s just made par at No. 3.
  2. Getting questions about Brooks Koepka’s hat selection today, which made some waves yesterday evening. It’s still patterned, but this is a more muted white variety.
  3. What’s up with the rule that exonerated Zach Johnson? Here’s what we know.

2:40. Phil Mickelson, who’s four-under and challenging for the lead, just stiffed one tight at No. 13 for eagle. Justin Rose, who’s three-over and needs a spark, hit his even closer. Justin Thomas? Not so much. He’s in the water.

Back at No. 2, Tiger Woods made a somewhat disappointing par after finding the greenside bunker in two.

2:30. Let’s check in on that leaderboard, shall we? Frankie Molinari out front at -6. Poulter, DJ, Day and Koepka one shot back at -5. Bryson is now T10 at -3.

Oh, and if you’re wondering more about that Zach Johnson snafu on the 13th tee, here’s what happened — and how people reacted.

2:22. Okay folks, Dylan Dethier jumping in here for a couple hours to bring you the action. What sweet scoreboard madness this is! Just got in from off the course, where it’s delightfully impossible to keep track of everything going on. I’ll be posting updates on here, hit me at at @dylan_dethier on Twitter if you’ve got specific asks.

2:15: Poulter misses a chance for birdie at 15, and he remains one shot back of Molinari. Frankie at 6 under, followed by Poulter and Koepka at 5 under.

2:02: Poulter misses the putt, and Molinari two-putts 13..and just like that, Molinari is your solo leader at 6 under.

2:00: On 14, Poulter’s birdie putt comes up about 6 feet short. He’ll have that for par. Meanwhile, Molinari has about 30 feet for birdie on 13 and the solo lead.

1:54: Please enjoy Zach Johnson’s practice-swing whiff on 13. No penalty here, but it’ll be on SportsCenter tonight.

1:49: The 10th continues to haunt Mickelson. He takes iron off the tee, then comes up short with his approach. He missed about a 10-footer for par, and he drops to 4-under, two back.

1:44: We have a new leader at Augusta. DeChambeau’s second shot on 10 is short and left, he chips it long and makes a mess of the up-and-down. It’ll go down as a double bogey to plummet out of the lead. Up ahead on 13, Poulter knocks it on in two and drops a 10-footer for birdie and the solo lead. Wow.

1:34: Up ahead on 12, Poulter stakes one to 4 feet and cans the putt to get to -5, now a five-way tie. DeChambeau is in trouble on 10, as he’s left of the green in 2.

1:30: On 9, Mickelson curls in a 12-footer for birdie! Little fist pump there on top of it. He’s back to -5, one shot back.

1:27: Here’s where we stand.

1:21: Remember, golf fans: long on No. 9 at Augusta is never good. DeChambeau’s delicate chip shot from behind the green comes up short of the putting surface (no doubt he was worried about going long). He bumps it up from there to two feet and knocks it in. But the bogey drops him to -6, just one ahead of Molinari, Day and Koepka, who just birdied 8.

1:14: Up ahead on 9, DeChambeau is chugging along, but his approach has settled over the green, and he’ll have an absolutely treacherous up-and-down attempt from there. Fortunately the pin is also in the back, but it this next shot gets away from him, it could roll all the way off the front.

1:08: Nope. He missed it on the low side, and that stings. That’s his second bogey of the day, and he falls to -4, three behind DeChambeau.

1:07: Phil pitches on but his ball trundles away, about 8 feet below the hole. He’ll have that for a critical par-saver.

1:04: Phil’s third shot is away, and all things considered it’s excellent. He hooks it around the pines and his ball settles on just shot and right of the green. If he can get that up and down he’ll save his par.

12:59: Whooooaaa Phil. He drove it in the pine straw on 8, then punched it through the fairway and into the other set of pines right of the fairway. This one could get messy.

12:55: Molinari is now a big part of the story. He knocked it to the front of the green in 2 on the par-5 8th and two-putted from there for birdie to get to -5. He’s now tied with Mickelson for second place, one behind Bryson.

12:53: On the par-5 8th, DeChambeau misses another fairway. This time his tee ball bounds into the left rough. Not terrible, but it’ll likely stop him from taking a shot at that green in 2.

12:48: Phil with a cool two-putt par on 7. He’s one behind Bryson.

12:43: Koepka still can’t off the roller coaster. He bogeys 6 to drop to 4 under and a four-way tie for third with Poulter, Day … and a rising Francesco Molinari.

12:40: On 7, Bryson punches his second shot out of the pines, but his wedge approaches flies the putting surface. He chipped to four feet and knocked it in, but that bogey drops him to 6 under, one ahead of Phil.

12:32: Mickelson knocks it in for par on 6. Meanwhile, Jason Day birdied 2 and 5 — and there aren’t many birdies on the newly extended 5th hole — and he’s four under, three back.

12:26: On 7, Bryson’s drive lands in the pines right of the fairway. We’ll see. And Phil’s lag on 6 has a little meat on the bone — about 4 feet left to save par.

12:24: Phil’s tee shot on the par-3 6th is safely one but about 30 feet below the hole. Nothing wrong with a two-putt from there. Earlier, DeChambeau juuuuust missed a birdie from the fringe about 12 feet away. He’s still -7 and two shots clear.

12:17: Low numbers are out there today:

12:15: Phil’s 12-footer for par misses on the low side, and that bogey drops him to five under, two behind Bryson and tied with Koepka for second place.

12:09: Koepka three-putts the 4th from 31 feet and makes a bogey. His round through four holes: birdie-double-birdie-bogey. After all that, he’s two shots behind Bryson, who made par at 5.

12:05: Back on 4, Koepka is safely aboard with 31 feet left for birdie. And on 5, Phil hit is tee shot in the left trees and pulled his approach short and right of the green. He’ll have to get up-and-down from a tough spot to save par.

11:57: Phil two-putts for par on 4. He’s still one behind. Also, Koepka makes a nice bounce-back birdie on 3 after sticking a wedge to 6 feet. He’s now tied with at Phil at -6, one back.

11:50: Bryson hangs back with a fairway wood and finds the fairway on 5. Here’s a little more on how he prepped for this week:

11:46: Your solo leader, Bryson DeChambeau, knocks it onto the front of the green at the par-3 4th and calmly two-putts for par to stay at -7. One ahead of Phil.

11:41: Koepka has departed the Delta Ticket office, but the damage has been done. He knocked it to 27 feet with his 5th shot and two-putted for a double. He’s back to 5 under. And just like that DeChambeau leads Mickelson by one, and Brooks by two.

11:34: Back at 2, Koepka is having trouble leaving the Delta Ticket office. His second shot stayed in the trees and it appears — we’ll need some video footage to verify — that his third shot clanked a pine and went backwards. He’s still 190 yards away and in the trees while playing his fourth shot.

11:32: Just a reminder that Phil loves this place:

11:30: Phil knocks in the birdie on 2. Meanwhile, back on the tee, Koepka has hooked on into the left trees, which are nicknamed the “Delta Ticket Office” because if you end up there you’ll need an early flight home. Koepka looks safe to play the weekend, but his next punch-out shot is going to be critical.

11:28: Poulter pours in a par-saver on 5 from about 12 feet. He’ s hanging in at 4 under.

11:25: Back on 2, from the front of the green, Phil bump-and-runs it to about 2 feet. He’ll have that to get to 6 under, one back.

11:20: Back on 1, Koepka cooly drops a 10-footer for birdie to get to seven under. And DeChambeau birdies the par-5 2nd to match him. They’re tied at 7 under, two clear of Phil.

11:14: Phil splits the fairway on No. 2. He looks comfortable out there. Meanwhile, Poulter hit his drive into the gallery right of the 5th fairway. Things starting to happen out there.

11:09: Oooohhh that was a missed chance for Poulter. He had about 3 feet for birdie on No. 4, a tricky par 3, but missed it. Par is fine, but that one got away. He’s still 4 under, two back.

11:06: Mickelson’s birdie putt on 1 burns the edge, and he taps for a par. Solid start on one of the toughest holes on the course.

11:00: DJ’s wayward drive costs him at the 1st, where he just made a bogey to drop to three under. DeChambeau was able to get up-and-down after a poor approach shot to save par.

10:54: Phil Mickelson pounds a drive down the 1st fairway and his second round is officially underway. Phil starts the day one shot back thanks to an incredible closing stretch on Thursday.

10:48: DeChambeau laced his tee shot over 300 yards into the middle of the fairway. DJ found the right trees with his opening shot.

10:42: Leader Bryson DeChambeau (-6) and Dustin Johnson (-4) are finally on the course.

10:36: Did you know that Augusta National has a secret green that is rarely seen? Our very won Michael Bamberger discovered it and wrote about it here.

10:28: Billy Horschel has the round of the day so far in the early going. He opened with back-to-back birdies to reach two under for the tournament.

10:20: Kuchar ended up making bogey at 1, dropping to even par. But he wasn’t the only one. Ian Poulter also made a disappointing bogey to start Round 2. He now drops to three under, three shots of the lead.

10:12: Matt Kuchar, who started the day at one under, is having some trouble on No. 1. He hit his drive to the right, directly behind a tree, and was forced to punch it out.

10:05: We’re getting closer and closer to our leaders’ tee times. Ian Poulter, who is two back to start the day, just began his second round. If you’re able, you can watch it here:

9:52: Need a refresher on Thursday’s exciting action at the Masters? We’ve got you covered:


9:40: Bernhard Langer is not human. The 61-year old, two-time Masters winner just opened his second round with a birdie. That moves him to two under, and he’s now T11 with Tiger Woods.

9:30: Bryson DeChambeau shares the lead heading into round 2, and tees off at 10:42 a.m. ET. The secret to his success? It may be the equipment tweaks he made during an epic range session:

9:19: Three-time Masters champ Phil Mickelson made an incredible five birdies over his final seven holes on Thursday to get to five under, one back of the leaders. He tees off for Round 2 at 10:53 a.m. ET.

9:10: Former champion Sandy Lyle, who is 61 years old, just made birdie at 2 to get to even par for the tournament.

8:59: Our own Alan Shipnuck got a great assignment yesterday: watching the Masters with the one-and-only Jack Nicklaus:

8:50: Time to break out your waterproofs. Heavy rain is starting to fall at Augusta as the second round gets underway.

8:39: Here are the pin locations for Friday’s second round:

8:35: The first groups are off!

8:29: One thing to keep an eye on today is the weather. It’s not looking so good. They’re expecting scattered thunderstorms throughout the day:

8:25: Welcome tour our live coverage of the second round of the Masters. The first group is minutes away from teeing off.  That group features Sandy Lyle, Michael Kim, and Patton Kizzire.

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