LIVE UPDATES: Tiger Woods receives Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump

May 6, 2019

Tiger Woods will receive the Presidential Medal on Freedom on Monday at the White House from President Donald Trump.

After Woods’ fifth Masters title and 15th major victory last month, Trump announced that he would be awarding Woods with one of the highest civilian honors in the United States. The 45th President announced the news via Twitter.

We’ll be bringing you live updates from the White House coverage, which is slated to begin at 6 p.m.

Golf Channel will provide live coverage at 6 p.m. ET, and C-SPAN will also have live coverage on C-SPAN 1 and a livestream online.

LIVE UPDATES: Tiger Woods receives Medal of Freedom from President Trump

5:56 p.m. What will this ceremony be like? I have really no idea — but I’m interested to see. I’ll let you know. Got questions? Let me know on Twitter at @dylan_dethier.

6:00. Okay folks, we’re looking live at the Rose Garden! Looks sunny. Lots of chairs outside. Rumor has it our own Michael Bamberger is on the scene — but with Bamberger, you never know what’s true.

6:02. Is this the first time anyone else has google “C-Span live stream?” Or is that just me?

6:06. Tiger Woods’ caddie Joe LaCava and agent Mark Steinberg are reportedly among those in attendance, according to Golf Channel’s Matt Adams.

6:10. People are standing up! Looks like Melania Trump has just arrived.

6:12 p.m. No green jacket!

6:15. “Stand up, Joe!” Trump tells Joe LaCava. Says VP Pence is also in attendance, as is Tiger’s mother Tida and girlfriend Erica.

6:16. Trump recounting Woods’ accomplishments, beginning with hitting golf balls in his garage and heading on through his junior days. Says he got to know Earl Woods, who he describes as “tough.” Tiger points to his mother, who he says was tougher, with a laugh.

6:17. Trump reminds the crowd that Tiger only plays in the toughest events. “I wonder what would happen if he played 35 a year? C’mon, let’s try it, Tiger, that back is in good shape.”

6:19. It’s striking just how comfortable Trump is in this setting; it’s also worth remembering that talking about golf may be where he’s most comfortable. We’re still headed through his career, now at the ’08 U.S. Open.

6:21. “That was a great playoff, with Rocco!”

6:22. “In the years that followed, Tiger endured knee surgery and four excruciating back surgeries, including a spinal fusion in 2017. He fell from No. 1 in the world rankings to 1119…”

6:23. On the Masters No. 12 on Sunday: “Unfortunately, they found the water. That was a lot of water they found.”

6:24. On Masters Sunday: “With record-setting television. I don’t know if you know about that, Tiger. Record-setting ratings.”

6:25. Trump continues, talks about Woods “pushing boundaries, defying limits and striving for greatness.” Says there are no winners like Woods.

6:26. The medal is on!

6:29. Now it’s Tiger’s turn to talk! He thanks the president, Melania, and his family. He says he misses his father and chokes up talking about his children. It’s understandably emotional — he cites this year’s Masters as a defining achievement in his playing career and says how much this moment means to him, too.

6:31. Tiger talks about naming his son Charlie after Charlie Sifford, a former winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as awarded by Barack Obama.

6:32. That’s all, folks. Woods thanks the President again and poses for photos with his family, the president and the First Lady. Then walks back into the White House.

6:35. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be a brilliant depiction of the in-person scene from the ever-eloquent Michael Bamberger later. Until then, enjoy your Monday nights!