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Tiger Woods’ caddie Joe LaCava unveils the strangest items in Tiger’s golf bag

August 8, 2019

Tiger Woods and caddie Joe LaCava played a nine-hole practice round at Liberty National on Tuesday to prepare for this week’s Northern Trust, but afterwards they sat down to answer some of their fans’ most pressing questions.

In a GolfTV video, Woods and LaCava traded questions for each other that were submitted by fans, and there was plenty we learned.

Woods, surprisingly, hasn’t played GOLF’s Top 100 course in the world, LaCava celebrated their Masters victory with “about 100 beers that night,” and Henrik Stenson, Woods says, isn’t really as funny as he might think he is.

We also found out what LaCava says are the strangest items in Woods’ bag.

“I would say two things that people might not know: Your crunchy peanut butter banana sandwiches, and then the fact that you have to have a Milwaukee sharpie versus just a regular sharpie,” LaCava said. “I don’t know what the deal is there but you like those Milwaukee sharpies.”

Woods laughed and agreed with his looper. “This is true,” he said.

You can check out the full interview below. Woods teed off early on Thursday to begin The Northern Trust.