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SI Anonymous Player Poll: PGA, Champions, LPGA Pros Sound Off

May 3, 2016

Sports Illustrated polled more than 150 players across three tours to get their takes on topics inside and outside the ropes. Nothing was off limits. Will Tiger Woods win again? Who has the best swing? Bubba Watson or Kevin Na? Adam Scott or Rickie Fowler? (But not in the way you think…) Scroll down to read unfiltered answers from PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions and LPGA tour players. And let us know what you think about some of the game’s burning topics, too, by chiming in with your opinions in the interactive poll below.

[Surveys by Josh Berhow, Marika Washchyshyn and Sean Zak.]

Will Tiger Woods win another PGA Tour event?

Yes 42%
No 27%
Don’t know 31%

Loose Lips: “I’m optimistic, but running out of reasons.”

Yes 72%
No 23%
Don’t know 5%

Loose Lips: “I don’t even know if he’ll play again.”

Yes 36%
No 64%

Going forward, who will win more majors: Jordan or Rory?

Jordan 56%
Rory 44%

Jordan 48%
Rory 45%
Don’t know 7%

Loose Lips: “Rickie.”

Have you gone on a date with a woman you met at a tournament?

No 71%
Yes 29%

Loose Lips: “Not yet, but ask me again at the end of this season.”

No 57%
Yes 43%

If you were to be in a bar fight, who would you want to have your back?

Ernie Els 15%
Keegan Bradley 9%
Ángel Cabrera 7%
Pat Perez 5%
Brooks Koepka 4%
No one out here 18%
Others 42%

Loose Lips: “I’ve heard some bar stories about Ernie.”

Jim Thorpe 17%
Esteban Toledo 15%
Bill Glasson 12%
Marco Dawson 7%
Kenny Perry 7%
Others 42%

Loose Lips: “Esteban—he’s a boxer.”

Does the caddie deserve 10% of a winner’s check?

Yes 67%
No 33%

Loose Lips: “Maybe more like 8%.”

Yes 76%
No 12%
Don’t know 12%

Loose Lips: “I’ll pay it, but they don’t deserve it.”

Do you use social media?

Yes 84%
No 16%

Loose Lips: “Someone does it for me.”

Yes 56%
No 44%

Loose Lips: “I have a Twitter, but I have never twittered.”

Who has the prettiest swing on your tour?

Adam Scott 31%
Louis Oosthuizen 20%
Me 27%
Others 22%

Loose Lips: “Whichever one won last week.”

Tom Purtzer 37%
Fred Couples 7%
Grant Waite 7%
Others 49%

Na Yeon Choi 18%
Can’t tell 11%
Hyo Joo Kim 7%
Alison Lee 5%
Minjee Lee 5%
Others 54%

Loose Lips: “Not the Americans, that’s for sure.”

If Hillary Clinton could guarantee to cut your taxes in half and the Republican candidate would keep them the same, would you vote for her?

No 56%
Yes 33%
Don’t care 11%

Loose Lips: “If you paid what I pay in taxes, you would vote for her.”

No 74%
Yes 14%
No comment 12%

Loose Lips: “I wouldn’t vote for her if she were the last person on Earth.”

Should the WGC-Cadillac be moved to a different venue because of Donald Trump’s stances?

No 45%
Yes 39%
Don’t care 16%

Loose Lips: “No. I love that golf course.”

No 88%
Yes 7%
No comment 5%

Keep scrolling for more eye-opening results from our survey. But first share your own opinions on the game’s burning topics in the interactive poll below.   


Would you rather win the PGA Championship or an Olympic gold medal?

PGA 71%
Gold 29%

Loose Lips: “Gold would be cool, but a major is a major.”

The Players or a gold medal?

The Players 62%
Gold 38%

The Texas Open or a gold medal?

Gold Medal 76%
Texas 24%

Loose Lips: “Texas Open comes with a big paycheck.”

Would you rather be paired with Bubba Watson or Kevin Na?

Watson 62%
Na 16%
Neither 22%

Loose Lips: “At least Kevin will be quiet.”

Who would make a better Ryder Cup captain, Tiger or Phil?

Phil 49%
Tiger 44%
Neither 7%

Loose Lips: “I want to play for Tiger. Phil, not so much.”

Would you rather drive it like Dustin Johnson or putt it like Jordan Spieth?

Putt like Spieth 75%
Drive like Johnson 25%

Loose Lips: “Spieth wins majors. DJ doesn’t.


Would you wear Rickie Fowler’s hightops?

No 88%
Yes 12%

Loose Lips: “If they paid me, sure.”

Whom are you supporting in the Republican primary?

Donald Trump 34%
Undecided 22%
John Kasich 12%
Ted Cruz 10%
None 22%

Loose Lips: “Anyone who can beat a Democrat.”

Which Champions tour major is most important?

U.S. Senior Open 74%
Senior British 17%
All 5%
Senior PGA 2%
Senior Players 2%

Loose Lips: “To be honest, I don’t even know which ones are the majors.”

Are you O.K. with your grandkids (or any kids) seeing so many Viagra and Cialis ads during golf telecasts?

Yes 53%
No 42%
No comment 5%

Loose Lips: “I’ve been watching golf with my daughter, and it’s been very embarrassing.”

How many pain pills do you take during a tournament week?

None 40%
1–7 26%
8–15 17%
20-plus 17%


Will Michelle Wie win another major?

Yes 64%
No 36%

Will Yani Tseng win another LPGA event?

Yes 76%
No 24%

Adam Scott or Rickie Fowler?

Scott 84%
Fowler 11%
Neither 5%

Loose Lips: “Is there a third option?”

Wearing face paint at the Solheim Cup is . . .

Cute 56%
Lame 44%

Loose Lips: “Capital L-A-M-E.”

Suzann Pettersen’s apology was . . .

P.R. 53%
Sincere 38%
Both 9%

Loose Lips: “Sincere, but I think the rest of my team would say otherwise.”

Have you ever taken something from a hotel minibar and tried to get away without paying for it?

No 73%
Yes 27%

Loose Lips: “Last week!”

Should the LPGA tour hold tournaments on courses owned by Donald Trump?

Yes 67%
No 17%
Don’t Care 16%

Are you supporting Hillary Clinton?

No 44%
Yes 33%
No response 23%

Loose Lips: “Absolutely f—— not.”