Proof that pro golfers are just like the rest of us (sometimes)

November 28, 2018

ALBANY, The Bahamas — We all know the feeling. Early morning, bit stiff, a little cold. You make a few swings that make decent contact and decide to kick it up a notch. You make a big, full swing and catch the ball wickedly thin. A shock runs up your arms as you let go of the club and watch the ball fly low down the range. Ouch.

If I’ve just described something that’s happened to you too many times to count, don’t despair. I watched DJ on the range this morning do exactly the same thing. Of course, every shot before and after it was some variation of perfect. But this one, particular shot did not go to plan.

The moral of the story? Golf is weird and hard, so don’t beat yourself up over the odd bad shot. If you find that thinning shots is a recurring theme in your game, especially around the greens, check out the tip below.