Pro trips over sign, she sees replay, and it may be weekend’s best moment

Chloe Williams on the ground on Saturday on the 6th hole at Thai Country Club.

Chloe Williams tumbled over. And, almost like a set of dominoes, everyone doubled over. 

There were her playing partners, her caddie and her playing partners’ caddies at the Ladies European Tour’s Aramco Series – Bangkok event, laughing. There was the television announcer who gave Williams her iPhone to show her a replay, laughing. There was Williams herself, laughing.  

And now there’s you, too, joining in on the fun. Though, you may find it difficult to decide what’s best — the moment on Saturday on the 6th at Thai Country Club, or the reactions to it. 

We’ll start with the fall. As Williams stepped backward before her tee shot on the par-3, her heel hit an extension of an ad sign, the sign collapsed, and Williams did too. Her legs shot straight up. She lay there for a while before a playing partner grabbed her by the feet and twisted her over before helping her back up.   

Then there was Williams’ play-by-play of it. The announcer caught up to her nine holes later. 

“Talk us through this pre-swing routine you had today on 6,” the announcer dead-panned.  

Williams laughed. 

“I’m sorry, I’ve only just seen this,” Williams said in the video, shared by the Tour on their Twitter feed. “Oh, honestly, well, you know …” 

Williams laughed. 

“Oh, sorry, that was brilliant,” she continued. “In my defense, OK, it’s been there all week, but …”

Williams laughed. 

“But the little — well, not little — the thing that I stumbled into is brown. It’s in, you know what I mean …”

“But the grass is green,” the announcer said. 

Williams laughed. 

“Well, I didn’t see that,” she said. “Oh I feel ashamed.”

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At this point, the two started to walk down the fairway. 

“Let’s have a little walk to make it to your ball,” the announcer said. “But why didn’t you show the camera what happened, what was the effect of the fall? Yeah, go on. Well, bless you, you got sunburn yesterday, so she thought that would be the worst of her troubles. But actually you topped it off on the final round, didn’t you?

Williams showed the camera a mark on the back of her right leg. Then laughed. 

“Oh, honestly, you know, it’s just brilliant,” she said.  But you know what, at least I can contribute some fun to the group on the tee.” 

Williams laughed. 

“Well, you made par on that hole, didn’t you?” the announcer asked. 

“Actually, the girls, I knew that they were in hysterics while I was over the ball,” Williams said. “And to be fair, I couldn’t believe how quickly I could compose myself. And then I flushed it and I made par. I said to the girls, that has to be one of the best pars I’ve made in history.”

Williams laughed.

“I bet you didn’t think you would be making the highlight reel today, but you will,” the announcer said.

Williams laughed.  

“I seen you coming,” she said. “I knew what was happening.” 

“Well, take care, all right. Get into your shot,” the announcer said. “I don’t want another tumble, all right.” 

Williams laughed again. For those keeping score, that was nine times in the 80-second video. 

“Oh, that’s awesome,” she said. “So funny.” 

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