Powder Tools: An idiot’s guide to country-club styling options

January 9, 2018

It’s a game of traditions, down to the locker-room items at your post-round disposal — some common, others sublime. Celebrity groomer (or, shall we say, balm reader) William Murphy helps decode them all.

1. Clubman Lilac Vegetal

For old-school, post-shave, barber-shop-smell relief. Don’t be shy; some guys use it as an all-body splash as well.

2. Virgin Island Bay Rum

“Sadly, not a free happy-hour libation,” says Murphy, “but this alcohol-based aftershave does pack a bit of Rat Pack swagger. The smell is a throwback for those who like a refreshing kick, but beware—you may also experience a sting, especially if you had a clumsy morning shave.”

3. Clubman Talc

Soothing nether regions since 1810.

4. Barbacide

Thanks to this iconic blue liquid, you can comb without fear—the concoction kills germs, viruses and fungi (and we all know cooties spread faster than the yips). Give any comb you pull from the jar a quick rinse with water before using.

5. Phillips 440 brush

“The coarse boar bristles actually smooth the hair while you brush, creating a soft, shiny finish, à la George Clooney. Go with this one when you want to achieve a more professional, no-nonsense style.”

6. Barbasol

“This shaving foam is a cult favorite for a reason. It’s a no-frills grooming product that does just what it needs to do: lubricate the skin to protect the face from cuts, without drying it out.”

7. Phillips SG3 brush

“For guys lucky enough to have a full head of hair, this brush gives a loose, low-maintenance, just-ran-my-hands-through-my-hair look.”

8. Consort hair spray

“You’ve got enough smells going on after applying aftershave, deodorant and cologne. This hairspray is unscented and won’t muddy up your personal scent game.” PRO TIP: “If you have fine or thinner hair, hold the bottle 12 inches from your head when spraying to get a proper mist. The lightweight formula won’t weigh your hair down.”

9. Jeris Hair Tonic

“This stuff is perfect if you like a very short—and I mean U.S. Marine–style—high and tight haircut. Use it to treat the scalp after a head shave to keep the skin clean, and enjoy the minty eucalyptus scent.”

10. Mouthwash

We know you’re perfect. Take a rinse before hitting the grill anyway.