Poll: Surprising number of competitive junior golfers have witnessed cheating

October 7, 2019
GOLF.com polled 64 players for its Anonymous Junior Golfer Survey.

How many elite junior players have broken golf’s golden rules in competition? More than you might think.

GOLF.com recently completed its Anonymous Junior Golfer Survey, polling 64 competitive junior boys and girls players ages 12-18 from four different regions of the country (the entire survey will be published on GOLF.com later this week). The golfers were asked for their opinions on their own games, the sport’s biggest debates, slow play, their aspirations and more.

They were also asked about cheating, with 20 percent of them admitting that they have knowingly broken a rule in a tournament and not reported it. One respondent said that he or she had “put a club firmly on the rough to get a better lie.”

The juniors were also asked if they had ever confronted or reported another player for breaking a rule. Sixty-nine percent said they had.

Some other findings from the survey:

—67% of respondents said they have made three or more significant swing changes since they took up golf

—34% said they’re concerned that they don’t hit the ball far enough to be competitive in the college ranks and beyond

—63% said they either “sometimes” or “often” feel pressure from their parents or coaches to perform well in tournaments

GOLF.com will publish the complete Anonymous Junior Golfer Survey later this week.