Podcast: Dean Wilson just wants to hang out and play golf

September 21, 2017

After receiving all kinds of messages on email and social media in response to my column about Dean Wilson in the October issue of GOLF, I figured it made perfect sense to have Dean join me as a podcast guest, so here we are.

Dean is as laid back as they get, which I had the pleasure of witnessing on a recent trip to Bandon Dunes. If you knew Dean back in the day, you’d have seen it then, too. Ernie Els had the privilege of hanging with Wilson right after his lone career victory at The National in 2006. Or rather, Dean had the privilege of hanging with Ernie.

“You’re going to be in for some damage when you’re partying with Ernie and he’s celebrating your win,” Wilson said. “He’s going to get you really messed up. So you’ve got to be prepared for that. He likes to wrestle too when he gets a little drunk, and he’s huge.”

So, did Dean Wilson and Ernie Els wrestle around a bit following his first and only career win? “After he got me drunk, yeah,” Wilson says, “He wanted to push and shove a little bit! He’s crazy!” 

Tune in for that tale and more in this 45-minute conversation. We also discuss his playing alongside Annika Sorenstam at the Colonial, why he isn’t as enthused about competition anymore, his peculiar reason for using persimmon clubs and much more.