Phil Mickelson swamps Twitter with an astounding 180 tweets full of smack talk

August 22, 2019

Somebody needs to find a tournament for Phil Mickelson to play in. The 49-year-old golf legend didn’t make the field at the Tour Championship this week, so instead he spent Wednesday night on Twitter. And when I say he spent the night on Twitter, I mean he spent the evening firing off a shocking amount of replies to tweets. What’s a shocking amount, you ask? How about close to 200 (!) tweets?

You read that right. Over the course of about four hours on the eve of the opening round of the Tour Championship (and after his revealing family beach day), Mickelson sat down, perused Twitter, and started typing.

The tweets came in response to all kinds of people, from golf journalists to a host of random fans who mentioned him in their own missives. It all started in a very appropriate way.

One user tweeted, “Idk if Phil Mickelson runs his own twitter or not, but regardless, I want my Twitter to be just like his when I grow up.” Mickelson quickly let him know that he was, indeed, on Twitter, and then seemed to spend the rest of the night making sure the world didn’t forget it.

His first reply to the aforementioned tweet was pure Phil, “It’s always a good thing to dream big.”

Another user chimed in writing, “You think a guy with a few hundred million dollars is wasting his time on twitter?” To which Lefty responded, “Yet here we are.”

Then Phil responded to his sister Tina’s tweet featuring the photo of a slim, shirtless Phil on the beach that caused waves on the internet Wednesday, saying, “FYI ,those weird bumps on the side of my stomach we’ve never seen before, Doc called them obliques and said it’s nothing to worry about.”

Bleacher Report tweeted Phil’s beach photo asking, “Since when does Phil Mickelson have the body of a greek god,” which Phil responded to saying, “It’s a recent development.”

When one user tried to take advantage of the moment to get Phil to appear on his podcast, Mickelson responded simply with an emoji.

To a genuine fan asking if he was going to “come thru for us” and play well next year, Phil replied with a self-burn, “Next season yes. This season no.”

The sheer volume of Phil tweets from last night prevents us from re-posting them all here, so you should all do yourselves the favor of scrolling through his replies feed on your own. But here are a few more highlights from the all-night Tweet fest.

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