Phil Mickelson kicks off ‘Tribute Tuesday’ with memorable story about Arnold Palmer

September 10, 2019
Arnold Palmer talks with Phil Mickelson during the 2010 Arnold Palmer Invitational at the Bay Hill.

Phil Mickelson has really gotten into this Twitter thing. Lately he’s tweeted (much) more frequently compared to when he opened his account in August 2018, and he’s even introduced things like #PhiresideWithPhil. Just recently he went on a Twitter tear, responding to nearly 200 tweets from fans. (And he’s still replying at a frantic pace, too.)

But on Tuesday he took to Twitter in a more serious tone. Mickelson said as he’s gotten older (he’s 49) he’s realized there’s no way he could have achieved this success without the help and support of hundreds of people in his life. That’s why he’s introducing “Tribute Tuesday.”

“I want to take every Tuesday to give a small tribute to those who have meant so much to me,” Mickelson said, “and I can’t think of a better person to start Tribute Tuesday than Arnold Palmer, today, on his 90th birthday.”

Mickelson went on to say he admired Palmer’s interactions and charisma, but one thing he’ll always remember about The King happened at the 1994 U.S. Open at Oakmont, not far from Palmer’s home in Latrobe, Pa. It was Palmer’s last U.S. Open — and first since 1983 — and Mickelson said he’ll never forget how Palmer took two hours after practice rounds to shake hands and thank volunteers for making the event possible.

“Little gestures like that always stood in the back of my mind about what a great man he was because he was so appreciative of all the things that people have done for him and have given him,” Mickelson said.

You can watch Mickelson’s entire clip below.