Phil Mickelson’s hotel was struck by lightening and caught on fire

August 18, 2019

Phil Mickelson’s ascent on social media has been one of the best things to happen to golf in a very long time. Usually, Phil’s post are pretty goofy and light-hearted. But on Sunday, he shared a story about his hotel being struck by lightning that was almost too bizarre to believe.

At Medinah CC this week, Phil Mickelson was one of the many players and officials staying at the nearby Eaglewood Hotel.

It’s a nice hotel and super convenient, because it’s right next to the golf course. Well, at least that’s usually the case, because it turns out that on Sunday, that very hotel was struck by lightning.

The fire department arrived on scene to put out the ensuring fire, but the hotel guests were evacuated anyway. Phil Mickelson was among them, and with him unable to get his clubs and clothes from the room, he could be forced to miss his final round tee time at the BMW Championship.

But good news! Phil Mickelson, providing real-time updates, praised EMTs and said that he managed to get his clubs safe and sound.

With a 10:52 a.m. local time tee time, he managed to get himself to the course with about 30 minutes to spare for his warm-up ahead of his final round.