Peter Malnati Gets Wet, Muddy in Event

August 28, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.15.12 AM.png

We’ve seen players hit out of a water hazard before. The successful ones live on in highlight film history. The less successful ones, however, prove how difficult such a shot really is.

Peter Malnati’s heroic effort to escape the hazard didn’t pan out exactly as he had planned. But the reaction was more than worth it.

Malnati was playing the par-3 12th hole at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club Thursday when his ball came to rest below a ledge in the hazard, sitting in some mud on the water’s edge. After sizing up the shot for a few minutes (and nearly falling in a few times), Malnati’s hack left him rather disappointed.

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Malnati walked away with a quadruple-bogey 7 on the hole. He could use a few lessons from Rory McIlroy, who made a similar shot look easy during the PGA Championship earlier this month at Whistling Straits. 

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