Tour pros, journalists pay tribute to the late, great Pete Dye on social media

January 10, 2020
Iconic golf course architect Pete Dye passed away at the age of 94 on Thursday, January 9.

With Pete Dye’s passing yesterday, the golf world lost an icon. As the news of Pete’s death at the age of 94 made it’s way around the industry, stories of his life, sense of humor and wicked design philosophy began pouring out onto social media.

Everyone from Jack Nicklaus to our own Jonathan Wall had a Pete Dye story to share. And they paint a picture of a man who was fiercely dedicated to his craft, his family and who had a wicked sense of humor that was evident in his designs and his interactions.

While Pete is well-known and loved in professional golf circles, he was also a man of the people. Several anecdotes of Pete calling up a club himself, or getting down and dirty to help make his bold course visions a reality surfaced as well. All of it painting a picture of a man golf will sorely miss.

Golf in Indiana would not have been the same without Pete’s influence. He moved there after serving in World War II to sell insurance, but wound up becoming a prolific course architect instead. The state, and it’s sports teams, paid tribute to one of their most beloved citizens.

Pete Dye built over a hundred courses all over the world, and his legacy will live on in those classic green complexes and well-designed fairways. It will also live on in all of those he mentored, including Nicklaus and Norman and countless others. And as Tour pros size up the 150-yard tee shot on the 17th tee at TPC Sawgrass during the Players Championship in February, Pete will certainly be on everyone’s mind.

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