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Obama Talks White House Driving Range, Golf Channel Guilty Pleasure

November 17, 2015

President Obama has become known for his appearances on the golf course, sometimes with political opponents in tow, but it turns out that he also hits a few drives when he’s at home, too. In a GQ interview with Bill Simmons, Obama confirmed the existence of a virtual driving range inside the White House:

Is it true you have a virtual driving range in the White House? True.

It’s in the bowels of the White House? Yeah, I mean, this is not like some super-fancy thing. But I can hit these Wiffle balls.

So you go down there and hit, like as a stress reliever? Yeah. Just whack ’em. Whack ’em around a little bit.”

It seems that Obama gets the same kind of stress-clearing effect from taking a few swings that John Kasich spoke about on Sunday on Golf Channel. Obama also expressed his fondness for the Golf Channel show Big Break, which he apparently watches while he works out. In his words, it’s silly, but “really relaxing.”