These golf courses will pay YOU 10,000 bucks to name them

Manistee National Golf & Resort

Manistee National Golf & Resort in Northern Michigan.

You may never get a chance to own a golf course. 

But now you have an opportunity to put your name on one. 

And you’ll even get up to $10,000 to do so. 

Manistee National Golf & Resort, in northern Michigan, has created a contest to rename its two 18-hole courses. You can win $5,000 if you rename the 6,517-yard course formerly known as Canthooke Valley. You can win $5,000 if you rename the 6,654-yard course formerly known as Cutters’ Ridge. Entries can be submitted through Dec. 28 on the Manistee National website

“We like to think of this contest as our own little stimulus package,” said Kirsten Moriarty, sales director at Manistee National, told “The winning names will be rolled out in the 2021 season, so we are excited to see what everyone comes up with.”

Some help. According to Manistee National’s website, Cutters’ Ridge “is the tougher of the two — she’s deadly beautiful. An off day can find you sacrificing quite a few Pro V1s to her woods and marshes.” Canthooke Valley, meanwhile, “is considered the easier of the two; the antithesis to the former ‘Cutters’ Ridge.’ A good way to think of it might be ‘good vs. evil’ or maybe ‘oil and water.’”

For more information on the contest, visit Manistee National’s website

“This has been a wild year, full of uncertainty for everyone. So instead of finding an outside firm to rebrand, we thought it’d be better to go right to the people and get them involved,” Moriarty told “We think winning this contest would be a great way to start off the new year.”

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Nick Piastowski Editor