‘It’s complicated’: Masters champ Jon Rahm reveals strict green-jacket rules

Jon Rahm had something to admit. When he sat down the other day with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz to record GOLF’s Subpar Podcast, it was just the second time since he won the Masters that he donned the iconic green jacket.

And, yes, he had to get his wardrobe choice approved.

In fact, Rahm is still getting used to the strict set of rules that come with owning one of the most iconic and recognizable jackets in the world.

“There’s a dress code that comes with it,” Rahm said. “You learn about this quickly when you have to sign documents and things about what you are doing. Obviously, we all know the rules around Augusta National, right? And they tell you you are representing Augusta National and the jacket is Augusta National.”

One of the rules, Rahm said, is the attire that should (and shouldn’t) be worn with the jacket when it’s out in public. No, it doesn’t go well with gym shorts. At a minimum, Rahm said, it can be worn with golf attire. But don’t even think about trying to wear it with jeans or shorts.

“It’s complicated,” Rahm said. “The jacket can’t make a public appearance without [the club] knowing. They don’t like to be surprised so they need to give approval for everything. I can’t be photographed with the jacket and having alcohol. It just goes on and on.”

As for the first time Rahm wore the jacket following his Masters victory?

That was the day after, around 9 a.m., when he tried the jacket on once again for good measure. He said his wife, Kelley, laughed. And why not? When you are the Masters champ, life is good. Even if you have to abide by certain rules.

Josh Berhow

Golf.com Editor

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