Scott Stallings’ Masters invitation was sent to the *wrong* Scott Stallings

Scott Stallings posted this direct-message interaction on Twitter.


It’s the time of year that’s filled with cheer … or perhaps a bit of consternation.

No, we’re not talking about the grind of the holiday season, which is coming to a close. Now’s the time when PGA Tour pros eagerly anticipate a very special piece of mail: the official invitation to compete in the Masters.

Readers who are also active on social media have likely noticed a significant uptick in photos of that unmistakable stationery flooding their feeds. Players just can’t help sharing the contents of that special green envelope.

“The Board of Governors of Augusta National Golf Club cordially invite you to participate …”

That’s how the invitation begins. Is there a more coveted piece of mail in all of golf?

Asecendant superstar Tom Kim posted a photo of his invitation on Christmas Eve — a popular arrival day for the package.

But here we are, on the second day of January, 2023, and three-time PGA Tour winner Scott Stallings, who qualified for this year’s Masters field by making the 2022 Tour Championship field, is still waiting for his invitation.

But on Tuesday morning, Stallings received an answer as to why it’s still missing. Apparently, it was sent — just to the wrong Scott Stallings!

According to the message posted by Stallings, his invitation was received by a fellow Georgia resident, also named Scott Stallings, who, like Tour Stallings, also has a wife named Jennifer. (!!)

Stallings tweeted that he “had been checking the mailbox five times a day.”

The other Scott Stallings graciously offered to forward the package on to its rightful owner. “I’m [100%] sure this is NOT for me,” the other Stallings wrote. “I play but wow! [Nowhere] near your level.”

Augusta National did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Stallings was understandably anxious to receive the invitation. This year will mark his first appearance at Augusta National since 2014. Photographer

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