‘Shame on me’: LPGA pro takes blame for rules blunder, jabs player who called her out

November 3, 2019

We might finally have some closure to a bizarre incident that led to a stressful couple of days for a few pro golfers.

It started over the weekend, when longtime LPGA Tour player Christina Kim shared a series of strangely cryptic tweets, revealing she witnessed a fellow tour pro breaking the rules, albeit probably accidentally.

Then, on Sunday, a break in the case!

Kendall Dye came forward and explained things with a rather well-measured statement she released on Twitter.

Dye said she accidentally broke the rules by communicating with a fellow caddie in the group to confirm the club selection of another player, who Golfweek’s Beth Ann Nichols reports was Dewi Weber. But that, according to the Rules of Golf, is a breach of Rule 10.2, Advice and Other Help.

Dye and Weber where both penalized two strokes after the round when the third player in the group, Kim, reported the incident to a rules official.

In her post on Twitter, Dye, who said she was unaware of the rule, shouldered the blame for the incident but was also unhappy with how Kim handled it.

“I take 100 percent responsibility for the infraction and shame on me for not knowing this was a rule,” she said. “I have played professional golf for 10 years and have seen this done thousands of times between players, caddies and media and never seen one penalty called. I am completely gutted for causing another innocent player two strokes during this incident.”

Dye went on to say that it was handled and closed in a private matter, but added she was “disappointed in a fellow player’s unprofessional and public action for taking this to Twitter.”

Neither Dye nor Weber made it in the top 45 of the LPGA Q-Series, which guarantees status on the LPGA Tour for 2020. Weber, a day after this incident, shot 82.

You can read Dye’s full Twitter statement below.