Lawrence Taylor was once late to a Monday Night Football game for a very relatable reason

November 30, 2019

To commemorate the NFL’s 100th season, the NFL Network has been airing a special counting down the 100 greatest players in the league’s history. And on Friday night’s episode, viewers were treated to a hilarious golf-centric story about former New York Giants great Lawrence “L.T.” Taylor.

The conversation began when Bill Belichick relayed a story about a time when L.T. was late for a Giants team meeting during Belichick’s tenure as a linebackers coach and defensive coordinator in the 1980s. Belichick said that he told Bill Parcells, the Giants’ head coach at the time, that L.T. had been late to the meeting, and Parcells responded, “Well, why’d you start the meeting before he got there?”

The story elicited big-time laughs from the group, which included Ray Lewis, Rich Eisen, Chris Collinsworth and L.T. himself.

Collinsworth then chimed in with what he described as “the single greatest story I’ve ever heard,” about a time when L.T. was late to a Monday Night Football game, and L.T. to explain himself to Parcells.

“I said, ‘Why were you late to the game?” Collinsworth said. “And [L.T.] said, ‘Man, the foursome in front of me was so slow, and I couldn’t get there on time.

“And I said, ‘Well what did you tell Parcells when you got to the stadium and came out on the field in your uniform and everything?” Collinsworth continued. “[L.T.] said, ‘Coach, the foursome in front of me was playing so slow …’ I said, ‘No you didn’t! No you didn’t! There’s no way!”

The panel laughed heartily again, and really, who can’t relate to a good slow-play story? The real takeaway, of course, is that L.T. apparently loves golf so much that he decided to finish the round at all costs — even if it meant being late to a Monday Night Football game.

You can watch the clip in its entirety below.

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