Why this Tour winner is fittingly nicknamed ‘Cashmere’ Keith

On this week’s episode of Subpar, hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz swapped out their usual single-guest hot seat for a handful of the game’s most colorful characters.

At the Tito’s Shorties Classic in Austin, Texas, on Oct. 26, Stoltz hung out with Joel Dahmen, Harry Higgs, Keith Mitchell and the Bob Does Sports crew. Despite the pouring rain, these guys still seemed to have fun.

Stoltz opened the interview by assigning nicknames to his first three guests: “Cashmere” Keith Mitchell, “The Big Rig” Harry Higgs, and … Joel “Cool-Ass Dude” Dahmen? The group got a nice laugh out of that one.

harry higgs and joel dahmen react on the green
Joel Dahmen, Harry Higgs break down famous WM Phoenix Open celebration
By: Zephyr Melton

While the nicknames are pretty self-explanatory, some fans might be wondering about “Cashmere” Keith. The conversation quickly turned to the look Mitchell sported for the interview, which Stoltz noticed included an extra button.

Higgs said he always wears a four-button polo and buttons one button. Mitchell said he could count seven buttons on his shirt if he counted the ones at the collar. Mitchell even schooled the group on the difference between a lapel and a placket.

“Keith is bringing fashion to the men’s game,” Higgs said. “You and Adam Scott, that’s it. The only guys who can pull off fashion.”

Mitchell then encouraged Higgs to try sporting a visor. Higgs declined because he said he has visible bald spots.

Dahmen joked that, despite the fact that he’s worn a bucket hat for years, no one on Tour seems to be following his trend.

The group clearly enjoys each other’s company, which makes for a fun listen. For more from the gang, including a breakdown of Dahmen and Higg’s viral WM Phoenix Open celebration, check out the entire episode of Subpar below.

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