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Justin Thomas says Bud Cauley ‘doing a lot better’ after Friday car accident at Memorial

June 2, 2018

DUBLIN, Ohio — Bud Cauley is “doing a lot better” after sustaining injuries in a car accident Friday night, according to Justin Thomas.

“He was doing good yesterday. It calmed me a lot of after seeing him. I couldn’t hit a shot, couldn’t play a hole without thinking about him,” Thomas said. “I talked to Kolby briefly, our trainer, and said he was in good spirits this morning,” he added after Sunday’s round. “And he was laughing, talking, but it hurt him to do both, so we tried not to ask him too many questions or make too many jokes.”

According to Thomas, Cauley was the passenger in a car with four people, the other three being James Whis and two of his friends. Thomas had been staying with Whis, who sustained broken ribs in the accident, in Dublin for the week. “[Whis’s] wife called me when it happened, like whatever, 11:30 on Friday and just told me, because I mean she knows Bud and I are really close and obviously, I wanted to know about Whis. So, yeah, I was up for about four hours, so trying to figure out what was going on,” Thomas said.

Thomas added that Cauley was in surgery on Sunday. Just how hard was it, playing golf with his close friend in the hospital?

“It’s really hard,” Thomas said. “No offense to anything with the tournament, but I didn’t care to be here yesterday. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and thinking about him and I just really wanted to get done and go to the hospital. So I truly have no idea how I shot 4-under par, but maybe my mind being off golf was a good thing.”

The original post is below:

Bud Cauley was hospitalized after sustaining injuries in a car accident Friday night after missing the cut at the Memorial, according to a Golf Channel report.

Cauley’s management firm IMG told Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis that Cauley is in a local hospital recovering and receiving treatment for five broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a fractured lower left leg. The report stated that the accident occured around 11 p.m.

Cauley shot 77-76 to miss the cut at the Memorial. He has now withdrawn from Monday’s U.S. Open qualifier, which he was scheduled to play in Memphis, Tenn.