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Justin Thomas shares emotional PSA to golfers after cancer scare

September 12, 2019

Golfers are out in the sun all the time — often all day. It’s the nature of being a time-consuming, outdoor sport. Pro golfers are exposed to the sun’s rays more than anyone, and this week, PGA Tour player Justin Thomas shared a first-hand story about the ramifications of all that harmful exposure.

Writing an emotional message on his official Instagram account on Thursday, Thomas revealed that a small mole on his left leg was caught in the early stages of melanoma. He got it removed, but wanted it to serve as an important warning to golfers everywhere to monitor their body and get themselves checked out.

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I recently had a scare at the dermatologist where a very small mole on my left leg was caught in the early stages of melanoma. Luckily, we found it at a time where there should be no problems going forward. That being said, EVERYBODY GO GET CHECKED!! No harm can come from it and it’s the best way to catch anything before it becomes a serious issue. Especially for all the junior golfers (and other athletes) spending so much time in the sun. It is so important to make sure you’re monitoring your body – no matter how old you are or how much sunscreen you use. It really got my attention, and hoping it does the same to y’all!

Thomas shared a picture of his resulting scar, too.

It’s an important message from Thomas and one golfer’s everywhere should heed. Wear sunscreen and get checked.