Jordan Spieth’s Swing Coach Cameron McCormick Talks Masters

April 20, 2015

Jordan Spieth carved up Augusta National two weeks ago to win his first major championship and tied Tiger Woods’ record for low 72-hole score at the Masters. caught up with Cameron McCormick, Spieth’s swing coach since he was 12 years old, to answer four questions about his top student. What was the most impressive thing you saw Jordan do during Masters week?

McCormick: (Most) impressive were the scoring records, how he handled the adversity that occurs within every player’s rounds and the dramatic shots he pulled off. But nothing is more impressive than how his achievement and behavior  influences others. To see so many other people excited about our sport because of him – that’s what makes me proud. He’s moving the inspiration needle at a time our sport truly needs it. Jordan’s chip shot on the 18th during Saturday’s round was fantastic. If an amateur is looking at Jordan hit that shot, what can he learn from it and how can the amateur hit it if faced with a similar situation?

McCormick: In all truth it was a full flop shot he hit from the right side of 18 on Saturday. What’s required: full and utter commitment to allowing the club head to hit the ground and slide under the ball with a very full follow through. Other than this commitment to the ground thump and a full finish the player must develop an awareness for “carrying the loft” on the club, as I call it.  When swinging during this flop one must feel their trail palm (right palm for the right-handed player) face up to the sky on both sides of the swing. Do you ever feel the pressure that comes with working with a phenom or is it something you embrace? 

McCormick: I’m a caring confidant, a compass to his training and development, sometimes a fire extinguisher when he gets off track and needs a fast correction but I’m never a crutch – he doesn’t rely on me; as he’s developed his own knowledge of what works for him and how he best competes and conquers all his goals. He’s provided me a challenge to grow my knowledge base as fast as he’s grown his skills and for that and more I’m forever indebted to Jordan. This achievement is the culmination of over a decade of dreaming and working on his part. I’m overjoyed to have shared this journey with him and hope to share many more in the years to come. 

MORE SPIETH: Watch the amazing supercut of Spieth yelling at his ball Being with Jordan for almost a decade, how has he changed on and off the course? 

McCormick: I’ve had a front-row seat to the evolution of a superstar in our game, but more importantly the growth of an amazing young man. An honorable, trustworthy and thoughtful young man whose desire to excel provided the fuel for growing his physical, psychological and social skills learned and earned over an entire lifetime, that we see expressed in performance on and off the course. 

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