Jordan Spieth says ‘lay off the sauce’ to play your best golf

May 16, 2018

The PGA Tour is in Jordan Spieth’s backyard this week for the AT&T Byron Nelson at Trinity Forest, a course Spieth plays regularly. It’s going to be brutally hot during the tournament, and when asked about how best to deal with golf in the heat, the three-time major champ had a very specific answer.

“Lay off the sauce,” Spieth told reporters on Tuesday in his pre-tournament press conference. “No alcohol. It makes a difference if you have two beers on a Tuesday, really does.”

But he didn’t stop there; the 24-year-old Tour star also has some eating advice. “Stay away from big steaks. These are the kind of stuff you start to learn once you kind of feel sluggish.”

But the main keys for Jordan are hydration and intentional preparation to ensure he’s always ready for the next round.

“Each day once the round is finished it’s very important once that round finishes you’re really starting for the next day, the second you get into the clubhouse, so you really have to be disciplined with it to be at your best by Sunday afternoon.”

Just moments earlier, Spieth dropped another surprising nugget: his love for golfboards.

“Easy walking golf course but I don’t walk when I’m not on Tour so golfboards are great. The golf carts, cart paths are pretty far away,” Spieth said. “It’s good for pace of play and so we typically go out with four, five guys all on golfboards and just cruise around and, you know, in three and a half hours with a five-some and it’s a blast.”

“It’s funny when you get on it for the first time it’s pretty awkward. By the 3rd or 4th hole you get the hang of it.”

Spieth tees off for the first round of the Byron Nelson on Thursday at 1:50 p.m. ET.