John Daly shares his name with an Olympic athlete and it’s starting to get confusing

February 16, 2018

If you happen to be watching Golf Channel by day and NBC by night this week, you might find the name John Daly popping up on your screen even more than usual.

That’s because the colorful golfer shares a name with an Olympic athlete – American skeleton competitor John Daly.

Golfer John Daly has been having some fun with it on Twitter.

Skeleton John Daly kicked off the conversation earlier this week, when he said in a TV interview that Golfer John Daly could hold his own in skeleton, but that he, Skeleton John Daly, could never make it in pro golf. He also made a joke about drinking with Golfer John Daly.

Golfer John Daly, not one to miss an opportunity to make a new drinking buddy, responded in kind.

And that’s the story of the John Dalys. As someone with some experience in this arena (as a reminder, I can’t fix your swing, but this Jeff Ritter can!) I applaud them both for leaning into the confusion.