John Daly hurt by criticism from Tiger, Golf Channel: ‘They bashed me pretty good’

May 15, 2019

On Tuesday of the PGA Championship, Tiger Woods was asked about John Daly’s use of a golf cart for the tournament — and couldn’t resist the chance to throw a jab Daly’s way.

“This is a bigger golf course, there’s a lot of property,” Woods said of Bethpage Black. “There’s definitely going to be a component to stamina as the week goes on, four days over a tough championship that is mentally and physically taxing takes its toll.

“As far as JD taking a cart? Well,” Tiger continued with a grin. “I walked with a broken leg, so…”

The comment quickly made the rounds across the golf world, and reached the ears of Daly. He expressed his dismay to USA Today on Tuesday, saying that he wished Woods had “all the facts” before speaking on the subject.

“Might have been a different comment,’’ Daly told USA Today. “As well as the Golf Channel Wednesday morning, when they bashed me pretty good, and a few others.”

Daly explained that the osteoarthritis in his right knee keeps him from trekking around Bethpage, particularly the downhills. “Osteoarthritis is a tough thing, brother. If my knee was broke, I would have had it fixed. But my situation is totally different. It’s painful as hell is all I can say. As was Tiger’s, I’m sure.”

Daly requested to use a cart at the PGA through the Americans with Disabilities Act. “The request was reviewed and approved,” the PGA of America said in a statement. Just last year, Daly withdrew from the U.S. Senior Open after the USGA denied his request to use a cart at the Broodmoor.

He also explained a variety of additional health issues he faces daily. The 53-year-old gets a morning injection for diabetes and takes medication for high blood pressure, and added that his liver isn’t in great shape due to pain reliever use over the years.

“It sucks, getting old,” he said. Still, Daly didn’t hold Woods’ comments against him. “Not at all. He’s the best player I’ve ever played with or seen.”

John Daly wishes Tiger Woods had
John Daly wishes Tiger Woods had "all the facts" before cracking a joke on Tuesday.
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