Jena Sims posts savage flex over her PGA Championship absence

Jena Sims was absent from Brooks Koepka's PGA Championship celebration, so she posted a fun TikTok video to all Internet haters about why

Jena Sims had a fun message for any of the haters out there.

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Men, get yourself a wife like Jena Sims.

After Brooks Koepka won the PGA Championship on Sunday — his third PGA title and fifth major overall — there was a pretty important person who missing from his normal entourage: Jena!

That led many golf fans to wonder why she wasn’t at one of the biggest events of the year, especially given the outcome after her hubby had won.

Instead of trying to explain herself to Internet trolls who find joy with this type of stuff, she posted a savage video on TikTok that silenced a person asking her why she wasn’t in attendance at the PGA Championship over the weekend. Check it out below!

This. Is. Awesome.

It’s hard to dislike the fun she has with her response here, and how she’s just having a proud wife moment after seeing her husband win. Plus, it had to already be hard for her not to be at Oak Hill supporting Koepka, so celebrating like this from a distance — and silencing any haters at the same time — had to bring some added joy.

While the truth is Sims stayed in Florida — helping promote this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition — the model did share some fun moments on social media to let the world know that she was emotionally invested in her husband’s PGA Championship run.

Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka got married in June of 2022
Meet Brooks Koepka’s wife, Jena Sims | Photos through the years
By: Claire Rogers

The couple recently announced that they’re expecting their first child, and Sims leaned into the news by sharing a pretty heartwarming video to her fans.

In another TikTok post, an overwhelmed Sims posted a video with the caption reading, “all I got is tears at the moment. I’m so incredibly proud, but I know someone who’s going to be even more stoked,” as she tilted the camera down to her pregnant stomach.

Sims is Koepka’s No. 1 fan, and, while she couldn’t be at Oak Hill to watch his most recent major championship, she felt the electric moment through her TV like millions of other golf fans — all while making sure she prepared the couple’s trophy case for when her husband returns with some new hardware.

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