How to get tickets to the next Masters Tournament

As the entire world sits at home at watches the 2020 Masters, with no fans allowed on site, it’s natural to think about getting tickets to the next Masters tournament. Anyone will tell you, seeing Augusta National in person is a must for all golf and sports fans. 

The only issue is Augusta National is generally quite off-limits. The number of tickets to each Masters Tournament is very limited, and controlled by a lottery. So your next Masters to really think about is the 2022 Masters. 

The 2021 Masters will be attended by those people who held tickets (via the lottery) to the 2020 Masters. With no fans allowed on site, chairman Fred Ridley announced ticket holders would have their badges guaranteed for the following year’s event. 

So, then what? 

In May, 2021, not long after the 2021 Masters, the Masters tickets site will allow accounts to apply for specific days, both for practice and competition rounds. For those who have applied in the past, you will receive an email notifying you when the application portal is open. It will likely be open for just a few weeks. 

Patrons who are among the lucky chosen few tend to find out about it in July of the preceding year. So, stay patient, get ready, and hope that in July, 2021 you can start making some travel arrangements for April 2022. 

Sean Zak Editor

Zak is a writer and host for various video properties and podcasts. Check out his travels on Destination Golf and his latest thoughts on the Drop Zone Podcast:

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