Fascinating video shows exactly how long Hideki Matsuyama pauses at the top of his backswing

August 19, 2019

Hideki Matsuyama has one of the most eye-catching and unique swings on tour. Not because of any unconventional technical issue — quite the contrary. Break down the positions within his swing, and there’s hardly anything to quibble with.

That near-perfect sequence is why he’s such a good ball striker. But look at it in real time, and his top of backswing pause is so pronounced that you can’t help but notice anything else.

In many ways, it’s become his signature.

And it worked well for Hideki at the BMW Championship last week. He finished third at Medinah Country Club, and during the tournament broadcast, Golf Channel shared an interesting segment comparing Hideki’s backswing speed to his transition pause, and then his downswing. His backswing is just over a second long. His pause may seem long to the naked eye, but really it’s just two-tenths of a second — about the same length as his downswing.

What’s interesting is that while his swing may be “paused,” his body hasn’t stopped. It’s a transition move; like a car revving up, his weight is beginning to shift, and he’s using the ground to whip the club through on the way down.

Thanks to GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jonathan Yarwood for sharing: