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Golf Recipes: Make Chef Thomas Keller’s Avocado Toast before your round

April 3, 2018

Thomas Keller, the Chef/Proprietor of ultra-culinary Per Se and The French Laundry, likes his pre-round chow, too.

“On most days, I have two eggs for breakfast. But on days when I’m playing golf, I go for something a little heartier to get me through the round: avocado toast. It’s nutritious, delicious and it’s not hard to prepare (see below for my complete recipe). I like to top it with an egg or a slice of bacon for extra protein. The bread is filling, and there’s a nice mix of healthy fats; a combo to get me ready to play my best.”

Chef Thomas Keller’s Avocado Toast: – yields 2 toasts


– Bouchon Bakery Pain de campagne bread – 2 thick slices (or you can use any high quality artisanal hearty style sourdough)

– Piquillo Marmalade (recipe below) – 1/4 cup (or you an use your favorite pepper jelly)

– Smashed Avocado Mix (recipe below)

– Feta Cheese – 4 Tbs

– Cilantro leaves – to garnish

1. Make pepper marmalade. This is a great item to make a few days ahead. Save the extra for those days you don’t have time to cook!.

2. Make the avocado mix.

3. Toast your bread.

4. Once your bread is toasted, spread about 2 TBS of marmalade onto each slice of toast.

5. Top each toast with a hearty portion of your smashed avocado mix and then garnish with crumbles of feta cheese and a few cilantro leaves.

6. For a bit of extra protein, add a fried egg and/or some crispy bacon, on top
– Tip when cooking bacon: bake it in the oven on a parchment lined cookie tray. The bacon cooks nice and evenly and the parchment paper helps to absorb some of the excess fat. Its also a super fast way to cook a lot of bacon if you are hosting a large party.