Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips: A Few of Our Favorite Things

February 18, 2015

The new MCC Plus4 grip from Golf Pride offers the same all-around performance as did the original MCC grip. The big difference is the larger lower portion that effectively creates a grip size equal to one installed with four wraps of buildup.

Golf Pride designed the grip for players who build up their grips in order to reduce tension in their bottom hand in hopes of enhancing swing speed. (Relaxing the pressure also helps fight a hook.) The outside diameter of the MCC Plus4 is 4.6% larger than that of the standard model, and it’s made with a new rubber compound in the lower section that’s softer than the original.

The upper half of the grip features the same BCT (Brushed Cotton Technology) cord as the original MCC grip to promote tackiness in all weather conditions; like the lower half, the upper also has a softer rubber compound for improved feel and stability. Available March 15 in blue, gray and red. $9.50/grip;

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