WATCH: Golf gender reveal ends in major pain for unlucky cameraman

July 26, 2019

The golf shot gender reveal is all good and fun…until someone gets hurt. That much is now painfully clear for one friendly cameraman.

One Texas couple was celebrating the gender reveal of their baby with a smashed golf ball in the backyard. Dad took driver off the deck and sent the ball on a line forward. Smash. Blue dust everywhere, they’re going to have a boy!

Their cameraman might not be, though. As you can see in the video below, Cameraman 1 took that exploding ball directly where it hurts. He would not be thwarted from his duties, though.

Notice how committed he is to maintaining the camera shot despite the world of pain he is now experiencing. The slow-motion footage only makes it better as you onlookers quickly realize what has happened as well.

Let it be a lesson to us all: gender reveal golf balls can still fly forward. So stand back! Perhaps use Dustin Johnson for a tamer reveal. Either way, check out the hilarious video for yourself below.

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