Watch a golfer wearing crocs hit a shot that goes hilariously wrong

August 27, 2019

There’s nothing better than a good golf fail, at least for me. Golf is so difficult that it’s soothing to commiserate with other people going through similar struggles. Take this fellow below, who was just trying to make a fun little video and ended up causing himself an expensive headache instead.

Let’s break it down.

The video starts with this unknown golfer trying to film his golf swing as he drives a ball into the woods. Innocent enough, right?

But there are two glaring problems with this video already.

First, are those crocs?

Very questionable decision there, on multiple fronts, but especially when you’re trying to swing a golf club.

The second red flag comes with his alignment. He seems to be aiming for a pretty tight target: A shed of some sort, with another house in the distance. It’s flanked by a car and another house, too. Not really sure what the end game is here, to be honest.

On another note: This is why we keep telling you clubface alignment is so important.

Then comes the swing, and, oh no. That doesn’t look like the most stable position at the top of his backswing. Lots of potential for error…

He makes what appears to be decent contact, to his credit. But the problem? That solid contact sent the ball in the worst possible direction. The ball came out low and hot, and flew straight through the window of that unsuspecting car, busting through that back windshield.

Pretty hilarious, as long as it’s not your car. The sheer look of terror on this guy’s face after it happens is what seals the deal.

Anyway, the moral of the story? Don’t try this at home. Especially while wearing crocs.

Watch the full video here.