Will you tee my Valentine: 10 perfect golf-themed chocolate ideas

Looking for a golf-themed chocolate idea for Valentine's Day? We got you covered.

It’s 5:15 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, while you and just about 500 of your closest pals are pinned in line at the corner drugstore, and you’re hoping that the bag of commercial candy in hand comes across as unique, heartfelt and “well-planned.”

My friend, you’ll have better luck shooting at every Sunday pin at Augusta than you do having this scheme coming out roses. Put some thought into your chocolate, especially if your loved one is a golfer. We’ve scoured the internet for all the golfy Valentine’s Day chocolates you can find. Hopefully it’s not too late!

A chocolate-dipped Oreo with a golf ball on a golf green: Do you eat this, or take out a Twix bar and try to make a putt?

A chocolate-dipped Oreo with a vintage golfer: This is a work of art.

Chocolate balls in a sleeve: These are great, but admit it — you would totally put one on a tee and see how far chocolate flies.

A chocolate golf iron and ball: Much like above, you totally want to see if you can chip with the iron.

Maud Borup Valentine’s Day Falling Fore You milk and white chocolate golf balls: There are quite a few chocolate golf balls out there, but this one wins big points for a fantastic pun.

Chocolate golfer: Love the perfect form here.

Golf ball cake pops: See if you can eat the ball without touching the tee.

Golf ball chocolate lollipops: See if you can eat the tee without touching the ball.

Chocolate golf bag and chocolate golf balls: Love the old-school bag.

Golf bag and clubs chocolate mold: For the creative shot makers out there, this will satisfy that creativity bug.

Know of any other golf-themed chocolates out there? Please send them along to

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