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Best gifts for golfers: 10 things WE’RE gifting for the holidays

December 19, 2019

We’ve produced a ton of gift guides for you to find the perfect golfy item for that special someone in your life (or for yourself), but here’s one final roundup for you last-minute shoppers. This is what GOLF.com staffers are buying and giving this year.

The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever, by Mark Frost

I knew this book was wildly popular, but I didn’t know just how universally loved it was until I recently polled the good people of Twitter asking for their favorite golf books. It was the overwhelming favorite among the 100-plus replies that poured in. Harvie Ward and Ken Venturi vs. Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson? Count me in. I’m buying two copies, one for a golf-loving family member and another, of course, for myself. — Josh Berhow

PuttOUT Complete Home Putting Studio

Winters in the northeast generally aren’t kind to the game, so in my never-ending quest to improve, I’ve become a big at-home putter. But gone are the days where we’re resorted to putting into a turned-over glass. With the right products, you can build a nifty little putting setup for a pretty affordable price. And for that, look no further than the PuttOUT Complete Home Putting Studio. For $150 you can purchase and color coordinate a putting mat, a pressure trainer (which I’m a big fan of), along with a putting mirror and alignment gate. It’s perfect for the golf nerd in your life, and thee top gift I’m planning to give this holiday season. — Luke Kerr-Dineen

Galvin Green Lyon Full Zip jacket

This is definitely on the high end of things that I ever wear (or own!) but I debuted the Lyon at this year’s Open Championship and it was a smashing success. My Lyon is stylish, functional, comfortable and most importantly not restrictive when playing golf — and it’s the only lightweight jacket I need. — Dylan Dethier

Dormie Workshop custom head covers

I’ve been a fan (and customer!) of Dormie Workshop for a couple of years now, so when I was thinking about what to get my dad and husband for Christmas this year, I knew custom head covers would be the perfect blend of thoughtful and useful. Dormie offers a super cool and collaborative custom order option, so you feel like part of the design process. My husband is from Ireland, so I know he’ll appreciate this personalized mallet-style putter cover featuring the Irish flag, harps, and of course, pints of Guinness. For my dad, I wanted to incorporate a tribute to my grandfather, who flew over four dozen missions as a part of 11th Air Force during WWII. I ordered a replica 11th Air Force patch online, and Dormie used it to create a fairway wood head cover that I absolutely love. Needless to say, I’m super excited for both my husband and my dad to open their gifts on Christmas Day. — Jessica Marksbury

Sun Mountain Eco-Light Stand Bag

There’s nothing my dad loves to complain about more than his bag being too heavy. It’s not that he has enough stuff packed in his bag to survive on a desert island for months, it’s clearly the bag itself that is weighing him down. Nonetheless, I’m going to appease him this year with a new Eco-Light Stand Bag that’s light as a feather. It’s quite literally like lifting a feather. — Tim Reilly

Nike Men’s Air Max 1 G Golf Shoes

My favorite gift to give is spikeless golf shoes. Everyone should own a pair. I was gifted these Nikes in 2019 and use them constantly. — Sean Zak 

Golf lessons

This gift might be a bit selfish because it’s for me, but I would like to gift myself some lessons to really nail down my swing. Not only will it help me become a better golfer and lower my yet-to-be-established handicap, but it will also help inform the next set of clubs I purchase and be an overall confidence builder for my game. I physically know how to swing a club, and sometimes the ball even goes straight, but lessons will make it easier for me to play with my dad, coworkers and friends without embarrassing myself. — Rachel Bleier

Seamus Arnold Palmer Wallet and Money Clip

I stopped carrying a traditional wallet this year after picking up a money clip from Augusta National. It turned out to be a game changer for my lower back and sanity. With less space to carry a mountain of receipts, I’m more cognizant of what I have stuffed in my pockets when I’m traveling or running around town. Seamus’ hand-forged Arnold Palmer money clip and wallet isn’t cheap, but I have a few friends and relatives who would relish the opportunity to scale down their billfold. The King’s iconic umbrella is a nice touch the golfer in your life will appreciate. — Jonathan Wall

Seamus ball marker

The ultimate stocking stuffers are Seamus ball markers in pounded metals. I carry an Old Tom, Spieth-inspired Go Get That and an homage to Samuel L. Jackson’s wallet in Pulp Fiction emblazoned with BAD MOTHERF—–. This one especially helps remind me to get every putt to the hole. — Alan Shipnuck

GoSports Chipster

I wanted to get my young’un a practice hitting net but then came the realization that the set up and breakdown of said contraption was probably more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, he’s getting a chipping net, specifically the GoSports Chipster. The targets allow for landing areas for both lobs and lower, spinny shots, and most important, set up is a synch. Takes just seconds. My kind of device. — Alan Bastable

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