A 5-year-old girl teaching a 3-year-old boy how to putt is the best way to start 2021

A 5-year-old girl shows a 3-year-old boy how to putt.


The teacher gently grabs the student’s left foot, then turns it clockwise. The ankles are lined up. But the left foot is still slightly behind the right. The feet have to line up, too. 

“Wait, that foot has to move up a little,” the teacher says. 

She points at the tip of her student’s shoe, and at the ground where it needs to be. The teacher then lays her right elbow on the ground. An alignment arm. 

“Look. Are they the same distance as my arm? They both touching?” the teacher asks. 

“No,” the student says.  

“Nope, one’s not touching so you have to move that one up and then there,” the teacher says as the student moves up his left foot. “That stays there.”

In 2020, we were taught a lot. 

And a 5-year-old girl taught a 3-year-old boy how to putt. 

“I am blessed that i get to watch the cutest moments on a daily basis…” tweeted Michelle Holmes this week under a video of the lesson. Holmes operates the Michelle Holmes School of Golf in Chesapeake, Va. 

“I think this is my fav moment of 2020 5 year old coaches 3 year old Retweet if it made you smile #Golf #JuniorGolf #GrowGolf #USKidsGolf #LPGA #PGA #Sports”

The feet were first. Part 2 was the putter.  

“See this black line here?” the teacher asks, referring to the putter’s alignment line. 

“Yeah,” the student says.  

The teacher twists her student’s putter so that it lines up squarely with the ball. As she does, he twists his head around. The teacher stands up. He has something near his eye, and she cleans it out. 

“Please. Let me see,” she says. 

Onto to the stroke. 

“OK, this is what you have to do, OK? So, this and hold your finish,” the teacher says while taking a swing. 

The student makes a rocket noise — “Pssssuuuu” — and raises his right hand as if it’s blasting off.

(Maybe for the long ones.) 

Don’t forget to heed your head, either. 

“And look, do you see my head move?” the teacher asks. 


“You don’t move your head, K?” the teacher says as she takes another swing. 

His turn. The teacher drops her putter and walks back over to him. 

Except his putter moved.  

“You’re messing up the line!” the teacher says. 


The 5-year-old girl fixes it for the 3-year-old boy.

Nick Piastowski

Nick Piastowski

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