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Fred Couples and Greg Norman

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Hello, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Rogers Report. I write to you all from a snowy Rhode Island, where I’m hanging out for a few days before spending the better half of March on the road. I’m very excited to take my talents down to Jacksonville, Florida, next week at the Players. But before that can happen, we have a lot to catch up on.

The Tour’s new workout buddies

Dr. Troy Van Biezen, or “chirosporttbv,” has become one of my favorite accounts to follow in Instagram because I get to see the hard work players are putting in at the gym. And what I mean by that is I get to catch a glimpse of some pros not on the golf course. Van Biezen always has big names in his gym, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Scottie Scheffler and Tom Kim working out together last week.

In the second slide you’ll hear Scheffler offering Kim some words of encouragement before Kim finishes the exercise only to exclaim, “this is so heavy!”

Tom Kim, an athlete who I can (try to) relate to.

Seminole Pro-Member

The most elevated event in all of golf, the Seminole Pro-Member (or as I like to call it, my version of the Super Bowl), took place earlier this week. Despite no LIV players being invited to tee it up, the field was super strong.

Jimmy Dunne and Max Homa? Tom Brady and Tony Finau? Color me interested.

I am forever in debt to Layna Finau for not only cheering on Tom Brady and her husband on the Seminole grounds, but for providing us some content from the day was well. It’s rare to see any footage from the Seminole Pro-Member, and Layna was looking out for us.

Congrats to Justin Thomas on his victory. I have to imagine that this victory is right up there with his two PGA Championship wins due to how elite the event is.

While I was digging deep on the internet for any and all images from the Pro-Member, I came across this incredible post from 2014. All four major champions attended the event, and Adam Scott even sported his green jacket at Seminole.

Fred Couple throws shade

LIV Golf teams debuted new uniforms at their season opener last week, and it created quite a buzz on the internet.

I thought everyone had gotten their thoughts regarding the uniforms out until I checked Twitter on Wednesday morning to find that Fred Couples himself had chimed in! And before we get into his diss, let’s take a moment to appreciate Suzanne’s ring. Wow!

Listen, I’m pro-uniform in every sense of the word. Not having to think about what you’re wearing will make your morning a lot easier. That being said, I’m not sure if the pros ever had to worry about that, because sponsors usually deal with the scripting. This is not Couples’ first dig at LIV, but it might be the funniest. I’m beginning to realize that the pros pay a lot more attention to what’s being said about golf on the internet than I originally thought. I’ll admit I had forgotten about the below tweet until this morning.

Families of seven on Tour

Oversized clothes, wide-leg denim and families of seven on the PGA Tour are all the rage in 2023. Not only do Tony Finau and Webb Simpson have five kids each, Ellie and Jason Day announced that they’re having baby No. 5 this summer.

I am humbly requesting a Finau/Simpson/Day basketball tournament at some point in the future, or at the very least, a Masters Par-3 contest grouping. Imagine 15 kids running around in the little white jump suits together?

Padraig Harrington’s ball speed

Folks, 51 is officially the new 30. Especially when there’s money on the line. Shane Lowry gave Harrington a shot at breaking 190 mph ball speed to ensure that Harrington would be off the hook for dinners this week. It looks like free dinner is a good motivator because to the surprise of Lowry, Harrington reached 192 mph.

I hope you enjoy those free meals this week, Padraig.

What Nelly Korda’s listening to

Nelly Korda posted the following song on her Instagram story the other day. I’m not saying listening to the music she’s listening to will help you play golf like her, but it probably won’t hurt.

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