The 5 most memorable moments from the Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau feud

Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka's long-simmering feud has been ongoing since 2019.

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It’s almost time for Brooks Kopeka and Bryson DeChambeau to settle their beef in a head-to-head match, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, thank goodness. Let’s hope that, whatever the outcome, their longstanding feud can be put to rest at last.

You may be wondering: Why do Brooks and Bryson have all this bad blood anyway? If you can believe it, it started with a slow play grievance that actually dates all the way back to 2019(!). In case you’re a newcomer to all the drama (or simply could use a refresher), here’s a handy list of their top five most memorable moments since the feud began.

1. The abs jab

Believe it or not, Brooks and Bryson actually handled their initial dustup fairly uneventfully. After a bit of public venting, they met face to face, talked it out, reconciled, and even appeared on a podcast together to trumpet their settlement of the beef. Unfortunately, the cease-fire didn’t last long, because in an unguarded moment during a Fortnite Twitch stream, DeChambeau criticized Koepka’s photos in the ESPN Body Issue.

“I don’t think his genetics even make him look good,” DeChambeau said. “Did you see the Body Issue? He didn’t have any abs. I have abs.”


2. Koepka’s macho response

With his physique thus slighted, Koepka reverted to a defense that was difficult to top: Nah-nah, I have more majors than you!

3. The leaked video

At the 2021 PGA Championship, Koepka was doing a Golf Channel interview with Todd Lewis, but appeared visibly annoyed when DeChambeau and his caddie walked by. He rolled his eyes, and muttered some expletives. “I lost my train of thought,” he said, and Lewis suggested a re-take.

The clip was obviously meant for the cutting-room floor, but it leaked, and was viewed millions of times before being removed. The video marked the first time that viewers got a glimpse of the deeper disdain that permeated behind the somewhat playful online banter.

4. The emergence of “Brooksy”

Throughout the feud, Koepka has proven himself to be highly adept at social media trolling. And in the aftermath of the leaked video, he replied to one of DeChambeau’s tweets with a video of a fan calling DeChambeau “Brooksy.” “Whoever is calling me Brooksy needs to get out of here,” DeChambeau says in the clip, his annoyance apparent in his tone.

DeChambeau’s indignation was like catnip to Koepka fans, and DeChambeau was taunted with chants of “Brooksy” for the entirety of the summer, until the PGA Tour finally stepped in to outlaw such behavior from fans.

5. The Ryder Cup hug

In the lead-up to the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in September, both DeChambeau and Koepka tried to downplay their animosity for the sake of team unity. They smiled within close proximity to each other, shared a few laughs, and all appeared to be well.

Then, in the aftermath of Team’s USA’s 19-9 victory romp, they even shared this incredible moment, orchestrated by teammate Justin Thomas.

Now if that affection wasn’t real, I mean, c’mon! What is?

Tune in to Capital One’s The Match featuring Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau at Friday, November 26 at 4 p.m. ET on TNT.

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