POLL: Hang out with Tiger or Phil? European pros give their surprisingly one-sided answer

January 10, 2019

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are two of the greatest golfers of all-time and easily the game’s biggest draws. But according to European Tour pros, there’s a clear disparity between who the Euros would rather shoot the breeze with over a meal.

According to GOLF’s inaugural Anonymous European Pro Survey, nearly four out of five respondents said they would prefer to have dinner with Woods rather than Mickelson. While 79 percent of Euro players sided with the 14-time major champion Woods, always known as a lone wolf on Tour, only nine percent said that they would rather break bread with the garrulous five-time major champion Mickelson. Twelve percent of respondents said they would rather eat dinner alone.

“I’d like to pick Tiger’s brain on how he overcame his suffering,” one participant said in the survey. “That could really help me.”

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson during The Match.
European Tour pros made it clear in our anonymous survey who they would rather have dinner with.

Another player said he had gone to dinner with Mickelson and that he “didn’t enjoy it.” One of the respondents said he was on Team Mickelson because he’s “got more to say.”

Of the 12 percent of participants who said they would rather not hang with Tiger or Phil, one quipped: “Table for one because Tiger would probably stick me with the check.”

GOLF’s Anonymous European Pro Survey, which will be published in its entirety next week, was compiled over two days at the Turkish Airlines Open in November. Thirty-four  European pros, including six Ryder Cuppers and four major champions, answered questions about Europe’s Ryder Cup success, the differences between European and U.S. fans, whether Rory McIlroy will win a major in 2019, and much more.