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Eddie Pepperell’s pre-round eating routine is surprisingly simple

September 8, 2019

At the 2018 British Open, Eddie Pepperell made headlines for shooting a Sunday 67 “a little hungover” to finish T6, after he and his coach had shared too much wine the night before. Now, in his own words, the fun-loving Brit explains his repeatable game-day routine.

“How do I prepare to eat for a morning round? I don’t tend to eat much early in the morning, so if I have a morning tee time I quite often won’t eat breakfast and I’ll just snack all the way through the morning and throughout the round. I don’t like to eat too close to the start of a round, because I find I tend to get a little tired right off the back of a meal.

Actually, since I got my dog, Gus, fasting in the morning has been so much easier—you get up, take the dog out, and by the time you get back to have something you don’t need it until 10, 11 a.m., easily. So, yeah, I’m not eating in the morning too much. It’s working out, actually. Gus is helping me consume fewer calories throughout the day, which leaves more room for wine later on.

Once I’m on the course, I keep it simple. Nuts, bananas, bars. Pretty much the same thing every time. It’ll always be bananas, and a bar or two with some protein. As for the nuts, smoked almonds would be the perfect choice. “Afterwards, I reward myself after a good round with a glass of wine—or punish myself with a bottle. No, I’m only kidding. Sort of.”