Drunk teen steals golf cart, goes to McDonald’s drive-thru

June 19, 2018

Sometimes hunger will drive you to do stupid things, especially when alcohol is involved. Just ask English teenager Jamie Elliot.

Elliot, 18, got drunk with a friend and stole a golf cart from Catterick Golf Club in the United Kingdom on May 29. They then drove the “buggy” (as they’re known in the U.K.) directly to a McDonald’s over three miles away, according to the BBC. When he and his drinking companion arrived, they decided it was best to make their order using the drive-thru.

That’s when the police stepped in to stop the late-night joyride.

During the ensuing trial prosecutor Sarah Tyler stated, “Police were called by restaurant by staff and the defendant provided a breath sample for analysis which proved he was over the limit.”

The punishment? Elliot is “disqualified” or banned from driving for 12 months. Apparently the sentence is a lenient one, thanks to the fact that the suspect had no prior record.