Custom gear is everywhere at the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open

January 31, 2020

Every year at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, golf companies celebrate the festive atmosphere at the event with custom gear. Some companies embrace the consumption of beverages, while other companies go green and encourage fans to recycle their containers.

Below, we highlight some of the coolest custom gear spotted this week.

1) Odyssey’s “Albatross IPA”

Andrew Tursky

Odyssey made up their own fake craft beer called “Albatross IPA” for its custom putter covers this week. The mallet covers are creatively shaped like a beer tap, and both of the mallet and blade-style versions come with a bottle opener. They’re also embroidered with the phrase “Pour and Score.”

2) TaylorMade recycles

In celebration of the title sponsor, Waste Management, TaylorMade created “Recycle” putter covers for its staffers this week. They have all-green leather exteriors and yellow interiors, and they were offered in mallet and blade styles.

3) Puma goes green

Puma released a Waste Management Collection of items this week, including hats, shoes and carry bags. Rickie Fowler’s caddie is carrying the Puma x Vessel collaborative stand bags, which are available for $599 to the public.

4) FootJoy’s custom Flex XP shoes

Ahead of the event, FootJoy had an entire U-Haul truck full of these custom green-and-yellow Flex XP spikeless golf shoes, outfitting players, caddies and Tour reps. While this colorway isn’t currently available to the public, the Flex XP model is available in several colors at retail.

5) Trashed

Get your mind out of the gutter! This “Trashed” hat made by Pukka has nothing to do with consuming too many beverages and everything to do with properly disposing of your trash in a receptacle.

Remember to drink responsibly, and to recycle your cans and bottles.

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